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McGill offers a wide variety of services to support student success and well-being. Due to the COVID-19 alert level in Montreal, some of our services will return to remote delivery until further notice.  For details, click visit the "How to Access Student Services" page.  In all cases, access is by appointment only, so please contact us for an appointment.

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In Fall 2020, McGill students were surveyed on tips and strategies for how they learn best. Check out what they said and try one for yourself!

Learning Supports

Here you will find access to tools and resources for skill development to support you along your academic journey. Learn how to manage your time, take effective notes, increase your memory and tackle tests like a pro. Each of the areas below provides opportunities to engage in skill and strategy development, helping you to become an effective learner and allowing you to show your full capabilities.

In the Fall 2020 student services checking-in student survey, students identified five main areas of challenge: increased workload, motivation, finding a balanced schedule, time management and remote group work. In response, you can find resources related to each of these challenges through the links below. Tutorial Services also offers a series of learning supports webinars that will touch on these key areas of challenge.

Learning Strategies Webinars

Each semester our Learning Skills Advisor creates and presents webinars to help you get the most out of your academic life and show your true capabilities.

Be sure to take a look at our learning strategies postcards, containing skills you can practice to become more organized, efficient and motivated in your studies.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions and/or concerns, we'd love to hear from you! 

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