Global travel advisory lifted

Covid 19

University Sponsored Travel suspension Lifted

With the removal of the global travel advisory, McGill will now be able to return to pre-pandemic travel conditions, allowing for freer movement of students, faculty and staff.

Please see EOC Update and Guidelines for travel during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic travel below for more details.  

COVID-19 Updates

New requirements for travel to/from Canada

Rules for entering and flying out of/within Canada (both by flight and land border), COVID-19 testing, vaccination & quarantine requirements are frequently being updated by the Canadian Government. 

Please check the links below regularly for the latest news and developments, as the situation is continually evolving.

Airline Policies COVID-19

 Please click on the links below to see the most up to date and detailed airline policies. This information is also likely to change depending on rapidly-evolving circumstances.

How To Book Rail & Airline Tickets

First Time Traveler Set-up (one time only)

  1. Complete a Traveler profile through this link. The profile is personal and confidential and only the individual Traveler can access and change their profile.
  2. Sign in will be authenticated prior to site access.
  3. The only info required for profile creation: name, gender, language, faculty/unit, email, office telephone number and date of birth

Airfare quotation

Contact the Travel Management Company (TMC) to obtain a quotation:

Option 1: For service and assistance by a travel consultant by phone or email

Direct Travel McGill Team



mcgill [at] (Email)


Option 2: For self-service through using the Online Booking (OBT), Concur (tutorial on how to book air through the OBT)

  • Log-in to your profile
  • Then you may enter the site and proceed with your search and purchase of airline tickets
  • For questions and support contact call 1-877-385-6415 or obt [at]

Best practices indicate that multi-city, international or complex itineraries should be handled by a travel consultant, whereas the use of the OBT is encouraged for simple point to point domestic and/or transborder

When reducing airfares by purchasing two one ways, keep in mind that you may incur two cancellation fees/penalties

  1. For hints and parameters on what to consider when requesting an airfare quotation, refer to the Travel Request Outline
  2. There are fees for booking travel. The fees are per trip: a trip consists of any or all of these elements: rail, airfare, hotel, vehicle rental. Fee Schedule in effect as of December 2016
  3. The TMC will offer several options based on the parameters provided.
  4. Once you have decided on a particular routing, complete the FOAPAL form with signed approval (electronic signatures not acceptable) from Fund Financial Manager of fund being charged. You may also pay with your personal credit card or AMEX if the travel is related to academic or research purposes.
  5. If applicable, transmit the completed FOAPAL form to the Travel Management Company for processing.
  6. The TMC will provide the Traveler with the required entry requirements (passport, visa) and health related recommendations (vaccines and/or medications) as per the itinerary.
  7. Trip Cancellation Insurance is a reimbursable expense and should be considered for purchase. This insurance enables the Traveler to be reimbursed for the costs associated with the cancelling of a trip based only on the illness of the Traveler and his/her immediate family. Check with TMC for full details of coverage and limitations.

Best Available Airfare Guarantee

The TMC guarantees to offer the lowest available airfare for the routing and parameters provided to them by the Traveler. This guarantee is subject to these conditions and procedures.

Accompanying Travelers

  1. It is possible to book accompanying travelers with the TMC
  2. Contact them by phone or email to indicate that there will be other travelers accompanying you and give them the details
  3. You must provide a personal credit card for payment of airline tickets and any other charges relating to these travelers

Deviations from Required Itinerary

  1. Should you choose to deviate for personal reasons from the required travel itinerary based on the University related activity you must advise the TMC accordingly
  2. The TMC is instructed to provide you with two quotations which you must include in your Expense Report
  3. You will be reimbursed for the lowest of the two airfares

University Travel Registration Form for Faculty and Staff

It is imperative that you register your travel information using the on-line University Travel Registration form for Faculty and Staff. If you are not already logged in, you will be required to log-in for access.


Important notice for international travelers

The Government of Canada provides essential information on travel health risks and preventive measures to keep you safe during your travels. It is important to review the Travel website of Canada each time before you book your travels. Under Travel Health Notices the Public Health Agency of Canada outline potential health risks to Canadian travelers and recommend ways to help reduce them.


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