Collaborators in Guatemala

Principal Investigator


Dr. Victor Lopez
3a Avenida 12-65 Zona 9,
Guatemala Ciudad, Guatemala
Tel: +502 2362-5995
Fax: +502 2331-0918
victorlopez1 [at] (Email)

The Guatemalan Team is led by Victor Lopez, Director of the Centro de Investigaciones Biomédicas y Psicosociales (CIBP), an NGO devoted to mental health research, founded in 2001. Victor Lopez, a psychiatrist trained at NIMH, will assume the role of Co-Principal Investigator of this GHRI-TC program, coordinate project activities and will coordinate links with other partner members of the team.



Two members of the Mental Health Division at the Ministry of Health have joined the research team as key members: Alejandra Flores , Chair and Director of the National Mental Health Program, MOH, and Sonia Anckermann, advisor to the MOH. The direct involvement of the MOH will facilitate all three phases of the program and insure successful implementation of the KT phase.

Another team member is Marina de Villagrán , Sociologist and currently Professor and Coordinator of the Masters degree program in Social Psychology and Political Violence at the School of Psychological Sciences at the Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala.

Cristina Chavez is another key member of the research team. Chavez is an anthropologist, currently General Coordinator and researcher based in Medicos Descalzos, an NGO engaged in the study and rescue of the Mayan traditional healing practices.

An additional key member of the Guatemala team comes from the Centro de Análisis Forense y Ciencias Aplicadas (CAFCA) and will participate in the program: Hector Soto Garcia .




  • CAFCA is an NGO which undertakes the exhumation of bodies requested by the Public Ministry. The forensic anthropological research involves a legal and technical investigation, and a social program, including aspects of mental health promotion and psychosocial support. CAFCA also maintains active linkages with the Organización de Derechos Humanos del Arzobispado de Guatemala and the Fundación Antropológica Forense de Guatemala.
  • Medicos Descalzos is an NGO founded in 1989 by the Franco-Guatemalteca association, based in Chinique, El Quiché, north of Guatemala City, dedicated to research and action programs in the field of mental health and Mayan medicine.


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