Collaborators in Canada


The Canadian team is led by Duncan Pedersen and have as co-principal investigators: Laurence J. Kirmayer, Jaswant Guzder and Allan Young. The McGill Team has done extensive work in the field of social and transcultural psychiatry, global mental health, violence and war trauma, and have gained international reputation in issues relevant to the TGH Program.

In addition, the gender perspective of the TGH initiative is monitored by a team led by Chantal Robilliard with the assistance of Donna E. Stewart and Patricia Foxen. Jacques Tremblay from the Douglas Institute is a consultant on program evaluation and analysis of quantitative data. Finally, the TGH Program is under the overall coordination of Consuelo Errazuriz, Program Manager and Network Coordinator. She has been working with the assistance of Hanna Kienzler and Nicole D'souza.


The McGill research team is based at the following institutions:

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