Where and when to park


Designated parking areas

Several areas on campus are designated for parking. Please park in these areas.

Residents only parking sign.

Commuter students

Daily, commuter parking is restricted to:

  • the parking lots north and west of the upper playing field.
  • the parking lot east of Parasitology.
  • the off-road parking areas south of the upper playing field and north of the lower playing field.

Resident students

Resident students may park in resident or commuter student parking areas only. Residents may not park in parking areas specifically reserved for visitors, emergency, handicapped or staff parking.


Staff may park in any parking area as designated on the campus except those areas specifically reserved for visitors, emergency parking, handicapped or residents.

Residents with adjacent parking - Either students or staff

Individuals with parking adjacent to their residence may not park in any other area on campus.

Overnight parking

This is permitted for residents only.

Electrical plugs

Access to electrical plugs is not provided for vehicles on campus.

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