Parking permits

Getting and using permits

Parking permits are required for all motor vehicles driven on campus by staff or students. "Motor vehicles" means all self-propelled wheeled vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters and motor bicycles. For parking purposes, the year begins September 1 and ends August 31.

Parking permit decals can be obtained from Campus Security (101 Laird Hall), upon presentation of identification and car registration. Daily passes for students only area available by using the Pay and Display machine located at the rear of the Macdonald Horticulture parking lot. The meter is coin operated, therefore, you will need the exact change, cost is $4.00 for four hours and $8.00 for the full day.

Note: Macdonald Campus Security will take every reasonable means to provide parking for permit holders. Drivers are asked to park carefully and not to occupy more than one parking spot.

Decal placement

To be valid, parking permits must be displayed to the vehicle to which they are assigned, as per the information distributed with the decal. The parking permit decal must be affixed with its own adhesive to the inside right-hand corner (passenger side) of the windshield. The fine for an improperly displayed permit is $20.00


Motorcycles, motor scooters and motor bicycles driven on campus must be registered with Campus Security. Parking permits are not transferable.

Additional permits

Persons using more than one vehicle may obtain an additional permit for an extra charge of $10.00, upon showing proof of ownership and with the understanding that only one of these vehicles may be parked on campus at a time. When a permit holder changes vehicles, the old permit should be removed and returned to Campus Security; a permit for the new vehicle may then be obtained.

If you are using another car due to car breakdown, you are entitled to a temporary pass, only if you have purchased a parking decal for the year or semester. You are not allowed to use any other options (ex. Leaving a note in your car): passes must be obtained.

Lost permits

In the case of a lost parking decal, another must be obtained from Campus Security.

Special Parking Permits

These may be issued by the Security Office to handicapped persons, allowing them to park in any area designated for parking.

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