Tomlinson Education Award for CHange (TEACH)

The Tomlinson Education Award for CHange (TEACH) is a new initiative to further expand the participation of undergraduate students in STEM teaching and learning at McGill through a course consultancy award. Like the TEAM peer mentors, the TEACH awardees will be quality students from the most recent offering of the course. They will engage with course instructors in an evaluation of a course or laboratory at the pedagogical level, and/or in the development of new, innovative strategies and/or material to enhance course/curriculum delivery or assessment. The potential project may be done individually or as part of a collaborative team that would also involve graduate Teaching Development Fellows (part of a pilot project partially funded by an American Association of Universities [AAU]-STEM Network mini-grant).

Course instructors wishing to participate in the program should identify one or more interested student(s) from the most recent offering of the class or laboratory. For their efforts, the student course consultants will receive a modest award ($300 for ~25-30 hours/semester for their activities, not taxed), and the designation of “Tomlinson Education Awardee for CHange” (TEACH) fellow. The TEACH award will be included on  students' co-curricular records.

A course/lab can be at any level. The guideline for selection to this programme is for the students to have performed well in a previous version of the course (preferably delivered by the same instructor), and have a strong interest in teaching/learning and educational improvement.

Owing to limited funds, we might not be able to support all applications. Requests will be prioritized by the strength of proposal and feasibility, as well as on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please apply for any of the coming semesters for 2020-2021 (Fall, Winter, Summer) with this application.

The application form is

File 2020-2021 TEACH Application Form

In the initial phase of this project, each instructor or team of instructors will be responsible for the selection of the students, for definition of the TEACH member’s responsibilities and to sign off at the end of the term verifying that the Awardee performed their tasks as requested. Students will be given their Award by a transfer to their bank account upon receipt of the instructor’s approval at the end of the course.

Please contact us with any questions about this new program. Our offices are in Otto Maass Chemistry Building- phone Ms. Faygie Covens (7026) or Professor David Harpp (6685) or email [faygie.covens [at] and david.harpp [at]].


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