Mac Campus Graduate Teaching Workshop

Would you like to improve your TAing skills, use your time more efficiently, and learn how to be more effective in front of a class? Be a better TA now and a better teacher in the future? Here’s your chance!

Registration is now open for the Fall 2019 Macdonald Campus Graduate Teaching Workshop from the Tomlinson Project in University-Level Science Education (T-PULSE)! This one day workshop offers participants the opportunity to reflect upon their own approaches towards teaching, to develop skills for engaging students, and to provide a foundation for future academic positions. This workshop is designed for all graduate students and is especially relevant to those who are TAing.

Who facilitates the workshops?

T-PULSE workshops are facilitated by Tomlinson Graduate Teaching Fellows, who are graduate students in the Faculty of Science, committed to improving the quality of the teaching and learning of science at McGill.

Note: Counts toward required AGSEM TA training.

We are continuously considering applications for new fellows. Click here to apply: 

PDF icon T-PULSE Fellows Application

How much does it cost?

The workshop is free!


Section: MGTW 101 (MITI Graduate Teaching Workshops)

Monday, September 30th, 2019 - Section 12

9:30 am -4:30 pm (check-in starts at 9:00 am)

Room: MS2-022 (Macdonald-Stewart Building, Macdonald Stewart Faculty Lounge)

Lunch is included. Please bring your own mug/cup.

How do I register?

Go to the Minerva Registration form  (the form will open in a new tab), and enter your Minerva ID and password. Click on Registration for MITI Graduate Teaching Workshops. This opens the link to the "ICS Training Request Form". Choose Section MGTW 101 (MITI Graduate Teaching Workshops), Section 12. Finally, fill-in and submit the survey. You'll receive confirmation of your registration by return email. Please note that you are not registered until you receive the confirmation email.


This workshop is also offered at the downtown campus on Monday, September 16th, 2019. When registering for the Macdonald Campus workshop please remember to choose the correct section which is MGTW 101.



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