New Teaching and Learning Technologies

Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) researches, pilots, and implements new teaching and learning technologies, with the goal of providing additional tools to instructors at the University.

Web-based Student Response System

Web-based response systems allow students to respond to questions in-class using a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) as opposed to a physical, handheld clicker.

In Fall 2016, TLS implemented Polling @ McGill (TurningPoint 8) as McGill's web-based student response system. TurningPoint Cloud has an integration with myCourses.

Crowdmark logoCollaborative Grading Software

Collaborative grading software improves efficiency for instructors and Teaching Assistants while evaluating assessments by allowing multiple users to access and provide feedback simultaneously.

Crowdmark is a collaborative online grading tool and analytics platform. It allows for multiple graders to blind-grade class assessments online, at a distance and at different times, and allows for grading feedback to be sent to students. It also offers the instructor analytics about the grades, question scores, and grading time. This video summarizes how Crowdmark works. 

Peerceptiv logoPeer Assessment

Peer Assessment (PA) refers to students providing feedback on other students’ assignments to help them improve their work. This feedback may or may not involve a grade. When properly implemented, PA can be a reliable and valid method of assessment.

Peerceptiv is a technology platform that facilitates the logistics of PA, including document submission, peer review of student work, and feedback on the quality of reviews. This video summarizes how Peerceptiv works. Peerceptiv has an integration with myCourses. Check out this blog post for an instructor's experience using Peerceptiv.

Zoom logoWeb and Videoconferencing

In addition to web and videoconferencing platforms that are already supported by McGill, including Skype for Business/Lync and Adobe Connect, TLS is exploring additional options that allow instructors and students to meet virtually.

Zoom is a web and videoconferencing solution that allows participants to join meetings and webinars from a computer browser, phone, and H.323/SIP room system device.

YouSeeU LogoVideo Assignments

TLS is currently piloting Video Assignments by YouSeeU. This tool allows students to record short videos using their webcam. The instructor is able to leave time-stamped feedback on student submissions. Video Assignments are integrated with myCourses.

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