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Mercury Online Manuals

These manuals show you how to access and use the online course evaluation system, Mercury.

For best viewing results, you may need to zoom in on the .PDF at a size larger than 100%.

Student - How do I...

  1. Complete a course evaluation [.pdf]
  2. View past course evaluation results [.pdf]

Instructor - How do I...

  1. Access Mercury for Instructor [.pdf]
  2. Preview/print my course evaluation [.pdf]
  3. Monitor response rates during evaluation period [.mp4 video]
  4. Download course evaluation results [.pdf]
  5. Download TA/Tutor reports [.pdf]
  6. Insert instructor comments [.pdf]
  7. View posted course evaluations results [.pdf]
  8. Grant or deny permission to disseminate course evaluation results [.pdf]

Teaching Assistants - How do I...

  1. Access Mercury for Teaching Assistants  [.pdf]

Department Chair - How do I...

  1. Access Mercury for Department Chair [.pdf]
  2. Preview/print a course evaluation [.pdf]
  3. Download course evaluation results [.pdf]
  4. Download TA/Tutor reports [.pdf]
  5. Download departmental summaries [.pdf]
  6. View disseminated results in your department [.pdf]
  7. Check overall response rates [.pdf]

Authorized Staff (Mercury Liaisons) - How do I...

  1. Mercury Access for Authorized Staff [.pdf]
  2. Preview/print a course evaluation [.pdf]
  3. Insert course evaluation period dates [.pdf]
  4. Insert questions on course evaluations [.pdf]
  5. Add Teaching Assistants (TAs) to course evaluations [.pdf]
  6. Download course evaluation results [.pdf]
  7. Download TA/Tutor reports [.pdf]
  8. Download departmental summaries [.pdf]
  9. View posted course evaluation results [.pdf]
  10. Check overall response rates [.pdf]

If you have any questions or comments about the manuals, please don't hesitate to email us at mercury [dot] info [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Mercury Info).

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