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Executive Summary Report

In 2009-2010, Teaching and Learning Services documented the experiences of instructors and students in Education 627. A summary report is available below.

Active Learning Classrooms 2009-2010 Executive Summary [.pdf]

Documentary Videos

Teaching and Learning Services has produced a series of documentaries highlighting the teaching and learning experiences of four instructors and their students in two Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) - Education 627 and Burnside 511. A 6-minute ‘Highlights’ version was also created.

ALC videos page

Usage of ALCs

During the first year of the implementation of the first two ALCs, 1,277 students, both undergraduate (935) and graduate (342) students from seven different faculties experienced learning in these new classrooms. Forty courses were taught by 31 instructors in the two ALCs. Table 1 summarizes the overall usage of the three ALCs for the 2010-2011 academic year, and Table 2, the two ALCs during the 2009-2010 academic year.

Table 1 Usage of the ALCs during 2010-2011


Education 627

Burnside 511

Macdonald-Stewart 2-028/029


Arts, Cont. Ed., Education, Law, Management, Medicine, Science

Cont. Ed., Science

Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

# of courses

31 course sections

28 course sections

18 course sections

#  of students

Approx. 1400

Approx. 520

Approx. 580

Table 2: Usage of ALCs during 2009-20101


Education 627

Burnside 511


Arts, Education, Science, Law, Management, Cont. Ed., Medicine

Science, Cont. Ed.

# of courses

25 courses sections

15 courses sections

# of students



1 Educ 627 and BH 511: unique students. Include spring/summer courses