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Nexus between Teaching, Learning & Research / Scholarship

The Nexus between Teaching and Research/Scholarship Project (the “Nexus Project”) is a university‐wide initiative aiming to improve the links between undergraduate teaching and research/scholarship. Since the Nexus Project began in 2008, it has focused on exploring how instructors can integrate teaching and research/scholarship to benefit student learning within undergraduate courses. While students who work on research projects with a faculty supervisor outside of class benefit greatly from this experience, the Nexus Project aims to engage all undergraduate students with the methods and processes of knowledge construction.

For examples of how McGill professors promote their undergraduate students' understanding of research and scholarship, watch these highlights from the TLS documentary series "Sowing the Seeds of Inquiry". View the complete series here.


For further information about the Nexus Project, please contact Marcy Slapcoff at Teaching and Learning Services marcy [dot] slapcoff [at] mcgill [dot] ca