How can I host online synchronous lectures/classes/meetings that I can record?


Zoom is a web and videoconferencing solution that allows participants to join meetings and webinars from a computer browser, phone, and H.323/SIP room system device.

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How can I better connect with my students?


Yammer is a private and secure enterprise social network that allows members to connect with other members who belong to the same email domain. McGill’s Yammer site is like a private Facebook site specifically for the McGill community. Use Yammer to share information, collaborate, and make group decisions.

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Email Tool (myCourses)

The Email tool in myCourses serves as an extension of your official McGill Exchange email account (first.last [at] mcgill.ca for instructors or first.last [at] mail.mcgill.ca for students). As such, all mail sent through myCourses will appear as though it was sent from the sender’s McGill address and will be delivered to all users’ McGill Exchange Inboxes. There is no separate Exchange email account for myCourses. You can create Inbox sorting rules to help organize email coming into your Inbox from myCourses.

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How can I facilitate student collaboration?


Perusall is a collaborative reading and annotation tool. With Perusall, instructors can assign textbooks, articles, or PDFs. Students can then annotate the readings and asynchronously respond to each other’s comments and questions about the readings in context. Perusall automatically generates optimal student groupings, grades students’ engagement to ensure they are prepared for class, and “nudges” those who need help to keep everyone on track.

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Discussions Tool (myCourses)

The Discussions tool is a collaboration area in which students, Teaching Assistants, and instructors can share thoughts on course materials, ask questions, organize a class discussion or debate, and work collaboratively with group members. To enable students to use discussions, you must create at least one forum and one topic.

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Technologies Graphic

A visual representation of the available technologies, separated into four quadrants (interaction, content, assessment, and course management) and three rings (technologies within myCourses, technologies provided by McGill, and other technologies).


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