Course management

How can I plan, schedule, and organize my class?

Calendar Tool

The Calendar tool allows instructors to create and manage course events and due dates. Students can view these events on the main Calendar page, the Upcoming Events page in Content, or in the Calendar widget on the Course Home page. All users can also subscribe to a calendar to view myCourses events using an external calendar.

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Announcements Tool

Instructors can post announcements using the Announcements widget on the Course Home page of any course in myCourses. This is useful for communicating important information to your students. All users of myCourses can also choose to receive emails and/or text messages to notify them of any new Announcements.

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You can set up Notifications to receive text or email messages about activity in your courses, such as announcements, discussion postings, and assignment or quiz due dates. You can also receive a daily summary of activities in all your courses.

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You can use the Checklist tool to present students with a list of tasks that they can check off. You can set due dates for each checklist item and use the User Progress page to track students’ completion of your checklists. You can also set Release Conditions based on Checklist items to have certain material appear to students after they click a checkbox.

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How can I track student progress?


The Attendance tool in myCourses allows you to create attendance schemes and registers to track your students’ attendance and/or participation for course events.

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The Grades tool in myCourses allows you to enter and manage your students’ grades. The Grades tool also allows your students to view the grades that you have entered. This article contains an index of all articles related to Grades in myCourses and explains what instructors and students will see when they access the Grades tool.

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Intelligent Agents

You can set up Intelligent Agents to monitor your students’ activity and automatically send students email reminders if they haven’t logged into myCourses or your course in a certain number of days. This is useful for tracking students and reminding them of important ongoing course events.

You can also create and attach Release Conditions to an agent, to have emails sent to students who fulfill more specific criteria. For example, you can create an agent that sends emails only to students who visited specific content, achieved a low score on an assignment, and/or enrolled in a group for a project.

You can have a copy of any agent messages sent to your email, to tell you which students receive those messages.

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Instructors can use the Progress tool to view detailed reports about students’ activity in a course. Students can also view their own User Progress page to monitor their own progress in all their courses.

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The Awards tool enables instructors to provide merit-based awards to students. There are two types of awards: Badges and Certificates.

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Organize Group Work


The Groups tool allows you to create groups in your course within one or more Group Categories. For example, you may have a Group Category for a group assignment and another for choosing presentation topics. Each Group Category can have one of three main enrolment types:

  • Manual Enrolment: The instructor manually enrols students in groups.
  • Auto-Enrolment: The system automatically assigns students to groups.
  • Self-Enrolment: Students enrol themselves into the group of their choice.

Group Categories can also include private Workspaces for each group, such as group-restricted discussion topics, group submission assignment folders, and group lockers. Students only see the group workspaces for the group(s) they are enrolled in. Instructors and teaching assistants see all group workspaces.

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Technologies Graphic

A visual representation of the available technologies, separated into four quadrants (interaction, content, assessment, and course management) and three rings (technologies within myCourses, technologies provided by McGill, and other technologies).


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