Assessment and Feedback Group

A group of panelists at an AFG Brown Bag meeting

The AFG from 2011–2021

Helping the McGill community implement effective methods of assessment.


Group overview

In 2011, a student posed the following question to McGill’s Senate:

“Many students in McGill have large classes of at least 100 people until their last year, […] in many cases, students will only get to see their single midterm grade […] a month later. This means no evaluation is available until about the 10th week of the semester. What can the University do to have smaller classes, more extensive and rapid feedback and enhanced access to professors?

This question was the catalyst for the 2011 creation of the Working Group on Assessment of Students’ Learning. When the Working Group’s university mandate ended in 2014, the group continued to meet regularly, and was renamed the Assessment and Feedback Group (AFG).

The AFG engages the McGill community in considering effective methods for assessing student work and strategies for providing feedback to students. We are interested in formal methods of assessment resulting in a grade, as well as strategies for providing feedback that students can use to improve their performance during the learning process. The group meets once a month throughout the academic year to rethink assessment and feedback practices with a view to enhancing McGill students’ learning experiences.

We hold events that showcase effective and creative approaches to assessment and feedback used by McGill instructors, and provide a forum for discussion among peers interested in addressing these topics. We also publish a companion blog series.

Current members

  • Dr. Carolyn Samuel, Senior Academic Associate, Teaching and Learning Services, Interim Chair
  • Giovanna Badia, Librarian, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering
  • Prof. Caroline Begg, Plant Science
  • Rebecca Brosseau, Graduate student, Education
  • Prof. Lawrence Chen, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Prof. Alejandra (Sandra) Barriales Bouche, Language, Literatures, and Cultures
  • Prof. Julia Freeman, School of Environment
  • Victoria Glynn, Graduate student, Biology 
  • Tareq Hardan, Graduate student, School of Social Work
  • Kate Hardin, Graduate student, Integrated Studies in Education
  • Prof. Donetta Hines, McGill Writing Centre
  • Prof. Sun-Young Kim, Language, Literatures, and Cultures
  • Dr. Leigh Korey, Academic Associate, Teaching and Learning Services
  • Charlene Lewis-Sutherland, Equity Education Program Administrator, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Bruktawit Maru, Graduate student, Pharmacology
  • Dan Petrescu, Graduate student, Chemistry
  • Teri Philips, Director, Office for Students with Disabilities
  • Prof. Ken Ragan, Physics
  • Prof. David Ragsdale, Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Marcy Slapcoff, Director, Office of Science Education
  • Kira Smith, Student Engagement Officer, Office of Science Education
  • Dr. Shujiao Wang, Assessment Specialist, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Laura Winer, Director, Teaching and Learning Services
  • Dr. Armin Yazdani, Office of Science Education
  • Kenz Zaghib, Undergraduate student, Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering

Past members

  • Prof. Rhonda Amsel, Psychology
  • Chris Bailey, Graduate student, Kinesiology and Physical Education
  • Tanja Beck, Associate Director, Office for Students with Disabilities
  • Alexander Burdett, Graduate student, Information Studies
  • Alicia Choi, Graduate student and course lecturer, Music Performance
  • April Colosimo, Librarian Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering
  • Prof. Nathalie Cooke, English
  • Gabrielle Doucette-Poirier, Undergraduate student, Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering
  • Prof. Elizabeth Elbourne, History
  • Kristen Emmett, Graduate student, Information Studies
  • Mercedes Garcia Holguera, Graduate student, Engineering, Tomlinson Graduate Teaching Fellow
  • Catherine Grosdidier, Undergraduate student, Engineering
  • Prof. Miranda Hickman, English
  • Amanda Jarrell, Graduate student, Education and Counselling Psychology
  • Dr. Lorie Kloda, Assessment Librarian, Centre for Medical Education
  • Prof. Penelope Kostopoulos, Neuroscience
  • Evan Laflamme, Undergraduate student, Engineering
  • Devon Lemire, Graduate student, Information Studies
  • Diane Maratta, Learning Technology Consultant, Teaching and Learning Services
  • Dr. Casey McCormick, Communication and Cultural Studies
  • Janice Ngiam, Undergraduate student, Psychology
  • Seyed-Rahi Modirnia, Student
  • Dr. Anita Parmar, Research Advisor for Student Life and Learning
  • Teddy Quintoro, Learning Technology Consultant, Teaching and Learning Services
  • Ali Mikael Sanji, Undergraduate student, Political Science
  • Daria Sleiman, Undergraduate student, Philosophy
  • Dr. Mariela Tovar, Senior Academic Associate, Teaching and Learning Services, past Chair
  • Simone Tissenbaum, Graduate student, Integrated Studies in Education
  • Gift Samuel Tshuma, Access Service Advisor, Office for Students with Disabilities
  • Prof. Shauna Van Praagh, Law
  • Dr. Maryam Wagner, Assistant Professor, Centre for Medical Education
  • Mariette Xenopoulos, Learning Technology Consultant, Teaching and Learning Services
  • Mirabel Xing, Undergraduate student, Sociology
  • Chloe Yam, Undergraduate student, Psychology
  • Henry Yu, Undergraduate student, Management
  • Kate Zhang, Student
  • Zijian Zheng, Student


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Blog Posts on Assessment

Interested in how other instructors at McGill tackle assessment in large classes? Looking for ideas for non-traditional assessment methods? Wondering what happens during Assessment and Feedback Group (AFG) meetings?


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