myCourses Homepage Upcoming Changes


Published: 11Dec2020

The myCourses homepage will be updated on December 15, 2020. To help optimize real estate, ease navigation, and help instructors and students find information quickly and easily, the following changes will occur:

New two column layout:

A new two column layout splits the page in half to make better use of the homepage space by providing additional real estate for content and news items. 

"My Courses" widget tabbed by semester:

The "My Courses" widget now displays tabs that organize courses by semester. This allows you to easily filter all courses that you are enrolled in by clicking through each tab. Furthermore, the “All” tab displays an at a glance view of all the courses you are enrolled in, manually pinned courses are displayed under the “Pinned” tab, and the “Ongoing” tab shows any courses with no official semester.

Slimmer “Announcement” widget:

A cleaner, less text heavy, more streamlined "Announcement" widget will be a place for you to find newsworthy information about updates to existing myCourses tools, new features as well as information about training initiatives.

Addition of the “Calendar” widget:

You can now view all events from all course calendars in one place on the myCourses homepage . The addition of the "Calendar" widget on the homepage is a great way to help you stay on top of due dates and other important course events. Here, you can see when the next event is coming up in one of your courses. Click here for more information about the Calendar tool.

Please note that since these are minor changes no down time is required.


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