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Workshop: The research paper: Engaging students with the writing process
March 2014

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Workshop: Beyond the research paper: new ways to get students writing
October 2013

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Bringing Research into the Undergraduate Classroom

A workshop about integrating teaching, research, and learning

As an instructor of undergraduate courses, have you wondered how to get students to ask better questions or to understand that knowledge is not black and white?

Seminar: Linking Undergraduate Teaching and Research at McGill

Date: Wednesday May 26, 2010
Time: 10-12, followed by a light lunch
Location: Bronfman Building, Rm: 423

Nexus between Teaching, Learning & Research / Scholarship

The Nexus between Teaching and Research/Scholarship Project (the “Nexus Project”) is a university‐wide initiative aiming to improve the links between undergraduate teaching and research/scholarship. Since the Nexus Project began in 2008, it has focused on exploring how instructors can integrate teaching and research/scholarship to benefit student learning within undergraduate courses.

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Internal Resources

ASAP 2012 White Paper Discussion Document: Executive Summary (2012). ASAP 2012 was developed in accordance with recommendations from other University task forces and planning exercises.

Documentary Series: Sowing the seeds of inquiry

This documentary series, “Sowing the seeds of inquiry: Undergraduate teaching and learning at a research university” profiles a number of McGill professors who engage their undergraduate students with research and/or scholarship as part of their coursework. Each short documentary combines interviews with a professor and one-two students with classroom footage--in one case the classroom is Mont St. Hilaire! Check this space periodically for new additions to this series.

Inquiry Network

Carole, Sarah and George during a meeting

The Inquiry Network is a cross disciplinary group of faculty who meet regularly to explore how to engage undergraduate students with the processes of research and scholarship within coursework.

The Inquiry Network has three main objectives:

Conceptual Framework

This conceptual framework, developed by McGill’s Inquiry Network, contains a set of learning outcomes that can be integrated into courses to enhance students’ understanding of research. There are three general outcomes, each followed by examples of how professors can tailor these to particular courses.

Nexus Project Goals

  1. Seek out and publicize strategies already in use to promote students’ understanding of research and scholarship. 
  2. Create new strategies to promote students’ understanding of research and scholarship.
  3. Mobilize community members and resources to work towards institutional change.