Joint Board-Senate Meeting

The Joint Board Senate meeting on November 1, 2011 addressed the theme of the role of research in the undergraduate educational experience. The goal of the meeting was to raise awareness of what undergraduate research and scholarship are and how they can contribute to the student experience for all undergraduates at McGill University.

  1. PPT Presentation
  2. Key readings
  3. Meeting agenda

Key readings on this topic:

Beckman, M. & Hensel, N. (2009).  Making explicit the implicit: Defining undergraduate research. Quarterly, 29(4), 40-44.  Washington, D.C.: Council on Undergraduate Research.
McGill users: consult the article at
External users: learn about or access this journal at 

Elrod, S., Husic, D., & Kinzie, J. (2010).  Research and discovery across the curriculum. Peer Review, 12(2) 4-8.
All users: Consult the open access article at

Slapcoff, M., Dobler, E., & Tovar, M. (Eds.). (2011). Using coursework to enhance students’ understanding of research/scholarship: A report from the Inquiry Network. Montreal: Teaching and Learning Services, McGill University.

Teaching and Learning Services. (2011). Bibliography of key resources: Linking teaching and research. Montreal: Teaching and Learning Services, McGill University.


Meeting Agenda                                                                                                                 



Student poster session

14 undergraduates from Agriculture and Environmental ScienceArts, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Music, and Science who have conducted research as part of coursework, research projects and internships. 


Welcome, Mr. Arnold Steinberg, Chancellor 


Introduction, Prof. Rose Goldstein, Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations)


Overview of undergraduate research at McGill, Marcy Slapcoff, TLS


Student and professor perspectives  

  • Sophie Splawinski , U3 Student, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
  • John Watson, U3 student, English and Art History
  • Prof. Richard Chromik, Mining and Materials Engineering
  • Prof. Chris Buddle, Natural Resource Sciences


Roundtable discussions: Ten tables, each with BoG members, student senators, faculty senators, student and faculty presenters, one facilitator and one note taker/reporter, address the following questions:     

  1. Given that we want research to be a hallmark of the undergraduate experience, how will we know when we have achieved this goal? What will be the indicators? What will we be doing differently?

  2. How do we make this happen? What are some practical steps that each of us could take? 

  3. How can McGill better communicate to students, faculty and the community the value of undergraduate research experience?


Sharing results from each table followed by general discussion  

Prof. Cynthia Weston, TLS


Synthesis of main ideas emerging from discussion

Prof. Anthony C. Masi,  Provost


Concluding remarks

Prof. Heather Munroe-Blum, Principal and Vice-Chancellor and

Mr. Arnold Steinberg, Chancellor




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