Past Events

Workshop: The research paper: Engaging students with the writing process (offered annually)

The research (term) paper is one of the core assignments we give undergraduate students, allowing them to reflect on meaningful questions and develop their own scholarly voices. Yet the results do not always meet our expectations. In this workshop, we will explore how to design assignments that engage students and encourage them to develop their critical thinking skills. We will consider alternative approaches to structuring the research paper assignment and discuss ways to evaluate that are not overly time-consuming. Please bring the instructions that you provide students for a research (term) paper assignment (e.g., from a course outline, a handout), so that you can work on it during the workshop. 

Workshop: Beyond the research paper: new ways to get students writing (offered annually)

Integrating well designed writing assignments into undergraduate courses can increase students’ engagement and promote critical thinking. Yet, many instructors shy away from including these assignments because of the extra workload required to mark them. During this workshop, we will discuss guidelines for designing short written assignments that make students think more and write less. We will provide examples from McGill professors in fields as diverse as Science, Arts, Music, Law and Engineering to illustrate the range of possibilities. Please bring your course syllabus as you will have the opportunity to work on an assignment for one of your courses. 

Workshop: Bringing Research into the Undergraduate Classroom (offered annually)

As an instructor of undergraduate courses, have you wondered how to get students to ask better questions or to understand that knowledge is not black and white? In this interactive workshop, you will meet the Inquiry Network, a group of McGill professors who have been tackling questions like this and have created a framework for enhancing students’ understanding of the relationship between research and course content.  Participants will try out this framework and design new strategies for one undergraduate course. Together, we will share interesting practices and develop new approaches for bringing research into the undergraduate classroom.

Symposium: Teaching What's Important: Educating Students for Today and Tomorrow (December 2015)

A one-day symposium for McGill instructors, focusing on strategies inside and outside the classroom. Join us for a conversation about our aspirations for undergraduate education at McGill and the opportunity to develop strategies for making these aspirations come true. Learn more.

Writing Symposium: The Role of Student Writing at a Research University (November 2012)

On November 8-9, 2012, Dr. Janet Giltrow, Associate Dean of Arts at UBC, addressed how professors can promote writing as a way for students to participate in the research-intensive culture of the university, regardless of discipline. This symposium was geared to faculty members, administrators, and all those interested in helping students use writing, not just as a means to record ideas, but as a process for the development of critical thinking skills. Learn more.

Joint Board-Senate Meeting (November 2011)

The Joint Board Senate meeting on November 1, 2011 addressed the theme of the role of research in the undergraduate educational experience. The goal of the meeting was to raise awareness of what undergraduate research and scholarship are and how they can contribute to the student experience for all undergraduates at McGill University. Learn more.

Seminar: Linking Undergraduate Teaching and Research at McGill (May 2010)

Bruce M. Shore, Professor of Educational Psychology, and two of his graduate students, Liv Hua and Tanya Chichekian, will share the results of their research on how professors at McGill perceive connections between teaching and research. Professor Shore will begin with a historical look at the assumption the University has made that there is a special connection between the two. He will summarize the results of a baseline study done in the 1980s which described how two professors in each of 25 departments regarded the connection, then take a look at a follow-up study which included almost every professor in English and Chemistry. Ms. Hua and Ms Chichekian will present the preliminary results of a recent set of interviews with almost every Chemistry professor at McGill on the impact of research on teaching at the undergraduate level, and the possibilities for promoting a culture of inquiry in which undergraduates share in the adventure of scientific discovery. Learn more.

Conference: Sowing the seeds of inquiry (March 2009)

The event on March 5 - 6, 2009, marked the launch of a University-wide initiative to promote the links between teaching, learning and research/scholarship within the scope of undergraduate education. This initiative reflects one of the strategic objectives of the University as set forth in the Provost’s 2006 strategic academic plan, Strengths and Aspirations, and in the recommendations of the Principal’s Task Force on Student Life and Learning. Learn more.





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