TISED Associate Members

Associate Members

TISED Associate Members


Angeles, Jorge

Prof. Angeles' research focuses on the design and control of mechanical systems, mainly targeting robotic systems.

Adamowski, Jan

Dr. Adamowski's research interest lie in development of new methods to investigate and predict urban heat island effects on water resources using remote sensing and GIS and novel approaches in statistical analysis and coupled social-physical systems  modeling for integrated and adaptive water resources management in the face of increasing uncertainty

Banks, Jim

Jim Banks is senior consultant and founder of Sustainable Development Association (SDA). He is interested in building cultures of sustainability within traditional engineering organizations using foresight to frame sustainability discussions. He is also interested in design for Sustainability and energy literacy.

Clark, Grant

Ecological engineering is the creation of a community of plants, animals, microbes, and possibly technological components, so that they provide some service. An example of such an engineered ecosystem is an in-vessel composter, in which a community of microbes breaks down organic waste into a soil-like product and the vessel controls the microbes’ environment to keep them happy.

Danon-Schaffer, Monica

Dr. Danon-Schaffer’s research focused on Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs), including Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs), largely their concentrations in the environment and their adverse effects on human health.  This thesis explores how these compounds reach the environment, how they are transferred from waste streams to water and soil, and how they are transported to distant locations like Northern Canada.  

prof. Ronald Gehr headshot photo

Gehr, Ronald

Prof.Gehr's research focuses on disinfection of water and wastewater as well as life-cycle-analysis (LCA) of different disinfection processes.

Lefsrud, Mark

Mark Lefsrud's Biomass Production Lab focus is developing methods to improve monitoring and production of living organisms. Their primary goal is the improvement of plants for human consumption (food security), and energy (biofuels). Within this focus of food security we are investigating methods for urban agriculture including: greenhouse heating using wood pellets (with direct combustion and gasification), light emitting diodes for increased production, and using community proteomics to provide a novel method to monitor plant development.

lightfootsustainability [at] gmail.com (Lightfoot, Steven)

Mr. Lightfoot is a Program Manager for CEATI International and the founder and Principal of Durabilité Lightfoot Sustainability which specializes in sustainability, providing independent techno-economic advice to investors and policymakers.

Miller, Francois

Francois Miller leads the team behind the McGill Office of Sustainability. He's interested in embedding sustainability in large organizations through action planning and stakeholder engagement. He regullarly organizes events such as Sustainability Fridays and Catalyst Awards.


Pogharian, Sevag

Mr. Pogharian is the founder and president of  Montreal ZERO Inc. Mr. Pogharian's work focuses on renewable energy and energy efficiency, net zero and autonomous buildings and neighborhoods.