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Jinxia Liu

Jinxia Liu
Contact Information
Email address: 
jinxia.liu [at] mcgill.ca
Full Member
Civil Engineering
Sustainable Industrial Processes & Manufacturing
Current research: 

Professor Liu’s expertise lies between environmental engineering and environmental analytical chemistry. The main focus of her research is on elucidation of environmental fate, behaviors and bio-availability of emerging organic contaminants, particularly fluorochemicals. Her research goal is to provide industry, policy- and decision-makers with information to make sound decisions on manufacture, assessment and management of organic chemicals. She is also interested in developing novel materials and treatment processes for removing fluorochemicals from contaminated water, soil and sediment.

Before joining McGill University in 2011, Professor Liu has worked both in industry and academia in the US. Her research projects were funded by the US National Science Foundation, Maryland Water Resource Research Center, municipal water/sewer facilities as well as chemical industry.

Areas of interest: 

Sustainable Industrial Processes and Manufacturing

  • Environmental engineering
  • Environmental analytical chemistry
  • Soil chemistry
  • Soil and groundwater remediation

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SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation
SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
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