Design engineering for (eco-)innovation and circular economy

13 September 2017

In this talk, Dr. Cluzel gave a broad overview of his research activities, and then he focused on three research projects dealing with sustainable design and innovation engineering.

The first project introduces a new methodology (co-developed with major energy and construction companies like EDF, Bouygues Construction and Vinci Construction) to foster ambitious construction or retrofit of sustainable buildings based on value management, positive economic, environmental and social externalities elicitation and a fuzzy logic model. Applications of this methodology show a high interest of industrial actors in order to promote more sustainable building projects by enlarging the circle of investing stakeholders.

The second project is an on-going work about the end-of-life of heavy-duty and off-road vehicles, which is still non-covered by adapted regulation in the European Union in particular. After a fine analysis of this promising sector in terms of strategic, economic and environmental benefits, the first steps toward a circularity-based framework to foster the development of ambitious end-of-life value chains will be described.

Finally, Dr. Cluzel will give an overview of first results dealing with the implementation of optimization models for innovation engineering to support the successful market launch of innovative technologies for techno-driven start-ups. This topic represents an original and unexplored field of application for optimization approaches with promising perspectives. It is currently experimented with two start-ups involved in the X1 Accelerator program at McGill.

About the Speaker

Francois Cluzel HeadshotEngineer in Mechanics (2008), PhD in Industrial Engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris (2012), François Cluzel is an assistant professor at Laboratoire Genie Industriel (Industrial Engineering Research Department) at CentraleSupélec, Université Paris-Saclay in France. In the Design Engineering research group, his research and teaching projects deal with innovation engineering and design of sustainable systems. He is a member of the Design Society, of the International Society for Industrial Ecology, and of the French network of eco-design researchers EcoSD.