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2019 Changemakers: Jennifer Martin Del Campo Rodriguez

Upcycling greenhouse gases into clean fuels

Jennifer Martin Del Campo RodriguezJennifer Martin Del Campo Rodriguez

Chemical Engineering, PhD candidate

Jan Kopyscinski & Sylvain Coulombe, Supervisors

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Upcycling greenhouse gases into clean fuels: plasma reforming of methane and carbon dioxide Greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced in order to combat climate change. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) are two of the most significant greenhouse gases, whose environmental impact can be reduced if they are used as raw materials for industrial processes instead of being emitted into the atmosphere. Jennifer’s research is focused on developing new plasma-catalytic reactors that can upcycle CO2 and CH4 into syngas, through a reaction called dry reforming. The resulting syngas is a feedstock chemical which can subsequently be upgraded into synthetic natural gas, chemicals, and plastics for diverse applications.

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