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SEAD 540: Industrial Ecology and Systems - Fall 2019

SEAD 540: Industrial Ecology and Systems

3 Credits

TBD, CRN 27942


Instructor: Fall 2019

Scheduled: to be confirmed.


Overview: This course provides an introduction to Industrial Ecology, while stressing the importance of systems thinking for engineers. Students will read and critically assess leading research in the field of Industrial Ecology. Class lectures will provide multiple "real life" examples of the challenges, successes, and pitfalls of using frameworks rooted in Industrial Ecology for decision-making. 


Prerequisites and restrictions: No prerequisite courses are required. Graduate students and U3 or U4 undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering (in all departments and schools) are eligible. Approval from TISED and the student's department or supervisor is required (see details below). Note that TISED does not advise students on if/how this course is to be counted in their program requirements; this must be determined by the student’s department.


How to register for SEAD 540:
1. All students who wish to register for this course must fill out the form below (you must be logged in to access the form) to obtain approval from TISED.

2. In addition, students must obtain approval from their department or supervisor.

a) Undergraduate students must be in U3 or U4 and must provide a completed course authorization form (www.mcgill.ca/engineering/files/engineering/request_for_course_authorization.pdf ) with a signature from their departmental supervisor. Completed forms should be scanned and sent to tised [at] mcgill.ca (TISED) (Tised [at] mcgill.ca) or dropped off to our office in person (MD 270). 

b) Graduate students must have their supervisor or department send an email of approval to tised [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Approval%20for%20SEAD%20course) (TISED) (TISED [at] McGill.ca).

3. Once you have submitted the form below and we received approval from your department or supervisor, we will contact you to let you know that the course SEAD 540 (CRN 27942)  has been opened for you on Minerva. You will then need to log into Minerva and register for the course yourself.