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FACC 510: Life Cycle-Based Environmental Footprinting


FACC 510: Selected Topics in the Faculty of Engineering (Life Cycle-Based Environmental Footprinting) 

Winter 2018
Instructor: Anne-Marie Boulay 


Overview: Rooted in engineering and looking at the entire life cycle (from cradle to grave), environmental footprints quantify potential environmental impacts associated with the use of a product, process or service. This course covers the concept of footprint and the different types of footprint which have emerged over time, leading to the life-cycle based environmental footprints: carbon footprint, water footprint, and a complete environmental life-cycle analysis (LCA). The course will also explore the political applications and implications of the environmental footprints and the related ISO standards. Environmental footprint communication will also be covered, including labels, product declaration, and the different rules that apply. Finally, the concept of planetary boundaries and its link with environmental footprints will be introduced. 


Learning Objectives:

1.       Understand such essential concepts as life cycle, inventory, impact assessment, water footprint, carbon footprint.

2.       Be able to understand and assess the relevance of environmental information communicated in a paper, label or website.

3.       Understand the implications that environmental information can have on policies and the directions in which international governance may be going.

4.       Understand the key concepts associated with sustainable products and manufacturing;

5.       Have sufficient knowledge to reflect on the impacts of his/her decisions as both an Engineer and consumer.


Prerequisites: This course does not require any prerequisites; however, to be eligible students must be in one of the departments or schools in the Faculty of Engineering, and must be either U3 or U4 undergraduate or graduate students. Instructor approval is required in order to register. 



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