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TREAT-CANADA Teams Unite for First Annual In-Person Meeting

Published: 8 November 2023

In a significant milestone for the Trans Canada Initiative project, 'Overcoming Therapy Resistance in Gastro-Esophageal Adenocarcinoma' (TREAT-CANADA), the project's first annual in-person meeting on October 27th, 2023, brought together professionals, experts and patient advocates in the fight against therapy resistance in gastro-esophageal adenocarcinoma. The project has received $7.5 million from the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

TREAT-CANADA's First Annual In-Person Meeting (October 27th, 2023)

TREAT-CANADA's in-person meeting was a testament to the dedication of experts from across Canada and beyond. The team came together to discuss and strategize innovative solution for this complex challenge. 

Several distinguished speakers addressed the audience during the meeting, sharing their insights in the field. Notable presentations included:

  • Patient-derived organoids as a model for in vivo tumor response presented by Dr. Jonathan Yeung from the University of Toronto, Toronto ON
  • Patient Advocates - Role in TREAT-Canada presented by Teresa Tiano, John Sauter, Jan Almanzor
  • Single Cell Genomics and Transcriptomics presented by Dr. Ioannis Ragoussis
  • Epigenomic Profiling in Therapy Resistance presented by Dr. Swneke Bailey
  • Inducible stemness in response to chemotherapy as exposed by single cell
    presented by Dr. Sui Huang from the Institute of Systems Biology, Seattle WA
  • Integrating High Throughput Drug Screening and Single Cell Transcriptomics to
    Identify Salvage Therapies for Resistant GEA
    presented by Iris Kong
  • Modelling the Immune Microenvironment - 3-D Bioprinted Epithelial-Lymphocyte
    presented by Dr. Matt Kinsella
  • Patient-derived esophageal adenocarcinoma chips as a model for precision oncology presented by Dr. Sanjima Pal
  • Dissecting the Immune Microenvironment Driving Tumour Biology presented by Dr. Morag Park
  • Integrating Opal 6 Multiplex Immunofluorescence in therapy resistance presented by Dr. James Tankel

As TREAT-CANADA continues to make strides in its mission, the first annual in-person meeting underlines the project's strength and the united commitment to advancing knowledge in the field of gastro-esophageal adenocarcinoma. We look forward to the continued progress and impact of TREAT-CANADA. 

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