Wellness Support

The WELL Office offers a variety of services to support Medical learners' wellness including one-on-one counselling, workshops and support groups. 


Our Wellness Consultants/Advisors provide a safe and confidential space to support learners in resolving personal issues that may be interfering with their wellness and learning. For UGME students, the WELL Office has a full-time Wellness Consultant/Advisor assigned to each campus (Montreal and Outaouais) who offer day and evening appointments. Please be sure to book with your respective Consultant/Advisor according to your campus (Montreal/Outaouais).

If you feel that you or someone close to you is in imminent danger please dial 9-1-1. Visit our Emergency Contacts Page for more after-hours support

Confidentiality: No member of The WELL Office team has an evaluative role. Confidential files are kept in locked cabinets in private offices.

Regular appointments open 14 days in advance and semi-urgent appointments open 3 days in advance. If you are experiencing high levels of distress, our Wellness Consultants will make every effort to see you within 2 working days. Please thewelloffice [at] mcgill.ca (contact us )directly.

Pascale Gendreau

Pascale Gendreau, M.A., c.o., Psychotherapist (OPQ)
UGME Wellness Consultant

On leave

Please note that Pascale is currently away from the office.

In the interim, we have alternate counselors available for UGME students.

Book a UGME Counseling Appointment.

Olivia Vu Olivia Vu, TS, MSW
UGME Wellness Consultant

Book an Appointment
To access scheduled sessionsZoom
Email: olivia.vu [at] mcgill.ca
Léa Levert-Gagnon

Léa Levert-Gagnon, M.A.
Med-P/UGME/PGME Wellness Advisor

Book an Appointment
To access scheduled sessions: Zoom
Email: lea.levert-gagnon [at] mcgill.ca

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