CaRMS Support - Match Day 2022

The Well Office is here to help you match and to support you if your match plans get derailed. Over the last few years, the number of residency positions in Canada has been slowly on the rise, which is excellent news for undergraduate medical students. However, the number of residency spots in many sought-after medical specialties is limited in Quebec and across Canada. As a result, some students will go unmatched in the first iteration of the Canadian Residency Matching Service (CaRMS) process. We know that going unmatched can be shocking and extremely disappointing. However, it is essential to remember that by the 2nd iteration, most UGME students will match to a residency position. As well, many students who remain unmatched after second iteration communicate that the year can be filled with growth and reflection.

Montreal Campus

Early Opt-In to Send Unmatched Result to the WELL Office

  • As in previous years, CaRMS offers students the ability to opt-in to send the WELL Office notification of your match result if you are unmatched, which must be done by March 31, 2022 via your CaRMS account.
  • If you choose to opt-in, The WELL Office will receive a list of students who are unmatched on April 11, 2022 and the Career Advisor will contact those students at their McGill email address later that day. Students will be released from clinical duties at 5 pm and the WELL Office will communicate with unmatched students one hour after the release time, to ensure your privacy and comfort. As well, students will have the day off on April 12.
  • Note: Students who opted-in AND who are unmatched will receive an email from the WELL Office about their match status on April 11. Students who did not opt-in and are unmatched or will receive the news through CaRMS Online at noon on April 12.

The WELL Office is Here to Support You

Following the CaRMS residency match, the team at the WELL Office will be on standby to provide unmatched students with advice and support. We strongly encourage all unmatched students to take advantage of our services.

One-on-One Appointments

Both Career Advisor, Elizabeth Lefebvre and Wellness Consultant, Pascale Gendreau have blocked time from April 12 to April 15, specifically for unmatched students. We ask that all students who have matched understand that unmatched students are our priority for this week.

  • Elizabeth can help students develop a strategy to maximize their chances of matching to a residency spot in the second iteration or to help students prepare an alternate plan for the year ahead. Please contact her by email or book an appointment online. Elizabeth will be available to meet and assist unmatched students throughout 2nd iteration (strategizing, document review, interview prep) and is also available to students who choose not to participate in 2nd iteration. If an unmatched student requires time off to attend 2nd iteration interviews, the WELL Office will support the request.
  • Pascale can help unmatched students cope with their emotions (disappointment, anger, anxiety, fear) around their match result. Please contact her by email or book an appointment online.

Students who Remain Unmatched

Students who went unmatched will have continuous access to Elizabeth for the year, and those who are unmatched and pursuing their studies at McGill will also have access to Pascale.

Support Groups

  • Unmatched Day Support Group: April 11, 2022 from 7 pm to 9 pm
    This support group will be co-facilitated by Elizabeth Lefebvre and Pascale Gendreau, the Career Advisor and Wellness Consultant. Students are welcome to come with someone from their support network if they wish. While we may not have information on unfilled postgraduate positions until April 20, we hope this session will help you manage your emotions and expectations over the next few weeks.
  • Post-Match Day Support Group for Unmatched Students: April 14, 2022 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm
    Recent MDCM graduates, who themselves went unmatched in the first iteration, will co-host with the Wellness Consultant and Career Advisor at the WELL Office. Last year, students appreciated this session, which provided a safe and supportive space to discuss concerns about the future and to receive peer support. Stay tuned for more information about this support group in an upcoming edition of Info-MDCM.
  • Unhappily Matched Support Group: April 21, 2022 from 5 pm to 6 pm
    This group is for the students who matched during the first iteration, but are unhappy with their residency position. This support group will be co-facilitated by Elizabeth Lefebvre and Pascale Gendreau, the Career Advisor and Wellness Consultant. We kindly ask that students who are matched wait until after April 23rd to request a meeting with the WELL Office. As you know, second iteration planning is very time-sensitive, and we need to prioritize unmatched students. We thank you for your understanding.

Career Sessions

The following career sessions are offered to medical students throughout the year. Additional details will be posted to Info-MDCM as sessions become available.

  • CV, Personal Letter, and Interview Workshops with Elizabeth Lefebvre: Fall of Med 4
    These workshops aim to prepare medical students for the various stages of the CaRMS process.
  • Individual CV and Personal Letter Review with Elizabeth Lefebvre: CaRMS Application Season
    In this session, Elizabeth provides students with tips and recommendations to strengthen their CVs and enhance their personal letters for their CaRMS application.
  • Individual Mock Interviews with Elizabeth Lefebvre: Fall and Winter
    To better prepare students for their CaRMS interview, Elizabeth offers individual mock interviews that will allow them to put their skills into practice and obtain constructive feedback.
  • Rank Order List Information Session and Q&A: March 21, 2022 at 6:30 pm
    This information session explains the ranking strategy that will optimize students’ match results and address questions and concerns.
  • Alternatives to the Match: A Meeting with Experimental Medicine: April 26, 2022 at 11:30 am
    This information session, which features a representative from the Division of Experimental Medicine, outlines some of the further degree options for students choosing not to participate in the match this year, or who may find themselves unmatched. Elizabeth will also be present to discuss other alternatives.

Impromptu Support Groups / Career Sessions

As difficult situations may arise during the CaRMS process, the WELL Office team is available to hold additional support groups and career sessions as needed. Please contact pascale.gendreau [at] (Pascale Gendreau), Wellness Consultant or elizabeth.lefebvre1 [at] (Elizabeth Lefebvre), Career Advisor, directly.


Class of 2024: AFMC Decisions Regarding 2024 Resident (R-1) Match

Note that the AFMC Board of Directors has decided that for the 2024 Resident (R-1) Match, interviews will continue to be in a virtual format for all, including local candidates. See the news release here. For any questions, please contact elizabeth.lefebvre1 [at] (Elizabeth Lefebvre), Career Advisor.



We wish everyone the best on Match Day!

-The UGME WELL Office Team
Dr. Saad, Elizabeth, Pascale, Kathryn & Susan

Campus Outaouais

Cohort 2024 will join the CaRMS process in 2024. Until then, you may see the CaRMS Support – Montreal campus section of our website, and get acquainted with the services and resources that will ultimately be available to you. For any questions, please contact sophie.fletcher [at]



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