Academic Support

Confidentiality and Absence of Conflict of Interest 

We provide a confidential environment where learners can discuss concerns freely. No member of The WELL Office team has an evaluative role. 

Academic support 

 The WELL Office assists Health professional learners undergoing academic difficulty: 

Academic Difficulty Flowchart 

For any other learning needs please consult the flowchart below. If after using the flowchart, your issues are not resolved, then please contact the Assistant Dean assigned to your campus: 

  • Montreal Campus: nathalie.saad [at] (Dr. Nathalie Saad), Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
  • Campus Outaouais: shelly.sud [at] (Dr. Shelly Sud), Director, Student and Resident Affairs 
Academic Difficulty and Mistreatment 

We offer support to learners who are undergoing academic difficulty or who have encountered mistreatment within the learning environment. If you wish to report an incident of mistreatment, please visit the Office for Respectful Environments (ORE).

If you require guidance and support around academic difficulty or mistreatment, please make an appointment with the Assistant Dean assigned to your campus:

  • Montreal Campus: nathalie.saad [at] (Dr. Nathalie Saad), Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
  • Campus Outaouais: shelly.sud [at] (Dr. Shelly Sud), Director, Student and Resident Affairs

We offer support for accommodations for TCP/Clerkship: Faculty-approved accommodations for clinical settings with your physician. You can also contact the Assistant Dean assigned to your campus to discuss accommodations: 

  • Montreal Campus: nathalie.saad [at] (Dr. Nathalie Saad), Assistant Dean, Student Affairs 
  • Campus Outaouais: shelly.sud [at] (Dr. Shelly Sud), Director, Student and Resident Affairs

You may also contact Student Accessibility & Achievement for more information. 

Study Skills 

For study techniques, exam-taking skills and other academic related concerns, please consult the Learner Support Programs from Student Accessibility & Achievement.

For support and guidance regarding time management, the transition to clinical practice, as well as resolving personal issues that may be interfering with learning or academic performance, please make an appointment with the UGME Wellness Consultants assigned to your campus:

  • Montreal Campus: pascale.gendreau [at] (Pascale Gendreau) 
  • Campus Outaouais: sophie.fletcher [at] (Sophie Yolaine Fletcher) and Léa Levert-Gagnon (Currently on maternity leave)



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