Interprofessional Learning Environment Advisory Committee


    The Interprofessional Learning Environment Advisory Committee is a WELL Office initiative which consists of student representatives from the health professional programs: SCSD, ISoN & SPOT at both the undergraduate and graduate level. This council is an interprofessional forum in which students meet and discuss wellness and healthy learning needs and initiatives in all these respective programs and disciplines within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.


    Fulfilling the position of a Learning Environment Student Advisor (LESA) allows you to speak on behalf of your fellow learners/peers on important matters regarding the learning environment, both in your clinical and academic settings. As a part of the Interprofessional Learning Environment Advisory Committee, you will be making important contributions to the ever-evolving culture and practices of health professional training at McGill University. Additionally you will have the opportunity to build collaboration and brainstorming skills essential for your future in the health care system as practitioners and/or scientists.


    • Survey learners in your program cohort on an ongoing basis and prior to meetings to determine emerging learning environment needs, ideas, perspectives, and concerns
    • Represent a collective voice at inter-professional committee meetings held 4x per year with the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Wellness Consultants, and other learners from SPOT, ISoN, and SCSD
    • Participate in committee discussions pertaining to culture and practice improvement within your program and wider Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
    • Promote position to possible candidates near the end of your term to ensure continuous representation from your program
    • Diffuse important WELL Office communications


    • Minimum 2 year commitment with the exception of learners who are in their graduating year


    • First hand opportunities and experience with inter-professional collaboration and teamwork
    • Develop leadership and communication skills
    • Practice in representing and advocating for yourself and your peers in a positive and constructive manner
    • Volunteer experience for CV
    • Certificate of participation and gift to acknowledge your contributions at the end of your term

    Unfortunately, we are unable to run the committee for the 2023-2024 academic year. If you are interested in becoming a LESA, we encourage you to return to our page next year, as we hope to resume recruitment at that time.

    For questions, please contact thewelloffice [at]


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