Yoga on the Go

The WELL Office has teamed up with yoga pioneer and Physical Therapist, Lara Heimann to design efficient, time-friendly yoga classes specifically for Health Professional Learners. Lara’s yoga technique is a sophisticated method of practice that is based on the three principles of Physiology, Kinesiology and Neurology. With a core understanding of movement from a cellular level while highlighting the mechanics of how movement happens, LYT™ is an intense movement experience that systematically overrides the patterns of compensation and poor habits through an exploration of brain mapping and purposeful movement.



Energy Boost

This flow is designed to help get you through the day and to boost your energy! It is perfect at any point in the day from morning to night. Think of this flow as your bodyʼs natural caffeine to help you mentally and physically through those long days. You will produce mobility and movement with purpose from an all over feel. Each joint will feel lubricated and get the blood flowing. This sort of all-encompassing movement is a great way to wake you up or to energize you and help you to finish off strong! Namaste!

You can find additional videos and classes on Lara’s YouTube channel.

On Rotation

This is a perfect little flow that can be done in a short amount of time in between shifts when on rotation. Itʼs great to keep mobile to protect from stagnancy, and with this 15 minute flow, this can be easily accomplished. The true problem lies in the stagnancy that comes from sitting or standing in one position for far too long and without variable movement. The idea of holding in certain movements and movement patterns is also immensely beneficial for the body. On rotation - keep moving! Keep the big joints moving! If they keep in motion, the surrounding tissues and fascia will remain hydrated promoting a happier and healthier you! Namaste!

You can find additional videos and classes on Lara’s YouTube channel.

Mindful Movement

I want you to experience the feeling of what good movement can do for you. To have the sensation of euphoria in the body and clarity in the mind, is similar to having the feeling of being reborn. It helps with anxiety, with stress, and helps you to bring back living in the moment, and bringing a sense of peace and stillness into your life. Namaste!

You can find additional videos and classes on Lara’s YouTube channel.

Tune Into Your Core Strength 

Your core strength is often thought of as just the abdominals, but it is so much more than that. It is the torso encompassing the abs, obliques, the back and so much more. Think of it as the torso containing the ribs, vital organs, intestines and everything within.

A common misconception about the core is that its sole purpose is to generate power - and although this is true, there is more to the story. Not only does it act as a generator of energy, but a transmitter as well. Tuning into the core, will give you the ability to transmit this energy into efficient movement patterns and tapping into raw power! Namaste!

You can find additional videos and classes on Lara’s YouTube channel.

Align Your Body, Align Your Mind

This flow is designed to help you find more integration and alignment in your body to help you feel better and more clear. At the start, it is ideal to help establish a neutral pelvis. The pelvis is the center of your bodyʼs mass and all energy flows through or is generated at the pelvic region. Essentially, the body can move in an optimal fashion when the pelvis is neutral. Youʼll know when your pelvis is neutral when the two front pelvic points and pubic bone are in the same horizontal or vertical plane (depending on your position). When they are in the same alignment, your pelvic region has found neutrality, and energy flows in the most effective manner possible. It will help to stabilize the front bowl of the pelvis and the core will be engaged.

Another point of alignment that is often overlooked is the alignment that begins at our feet and how well they move. There are so many joints in our feet and around our ankles - so when you are sitting on a daily basis without much movement, you really lose that opportunity of utilizing your mobility and the benefits of good

Even the head being set to a neutral position can have a tremendous impact on your posture. Too often do we spend our days in front of a computer, or looking down at our phones, that we tend to develop cervical restrictions, tightness, and tension in and around the neck, shoulders, and upper back region. So really focus on a neutral spine from head to toe as you come into savasana. In this moment of stillness, feel the internal alignment of your body. Like you have recalibrated both body and mind. Feel clearer and stronger - more energized. If youʼd like to stay longer, you are more than welcome. When you are ready come to a seated position with hands over your heart. This is a perfect way to close out the practice and really create a mental connection with how you feel right now - and to bookmark this feeling to create as a goal to continue to come back to time and time again. Namaste!

You can find additional videos and classes on Lara’s YouTube channel.







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