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I'll Do It Later: Understanding Procrastination and Sustaining Motivation

Do you push things to a later time? Do you wish that you didn’t procrastinate on your tasks? Meeting deadlines and prioritizing commitments are common challenges experienced by health professional learners. In this dynamic podcast, UGME Wellness Consultant and Career Advisor Pascale and Elizabeth welcome Dr. Sonia Rahimi, Motivation & Emotion Specialist.

Join us as we explore and re-define the concept of procrastination and motivation by helping listeners set realistic goals, and consider ways of integrating room for self-care, self-compassion, and awareness while safeguarding learning and clinical performance.

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Stand In Your Truth: In Conversation with Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa

Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa, psychiatry resident and professional spoken word artist, recounts her journey as an advocate for racialized and marginalized communities in healthcare. Join us as she sheds light on her lived experiences of navigating the intersections of race, gender, and medicine as a Black female physician, and why maintaining strong boundaries and standing in your truth are amongst the most powerful things that you can do for yourself.

Put your Money Where your Mind is: An Introduction to Financial Health & Well-Being

Dr. Kirsten Lindner Chevrier, author of Money Mindfulness: 7 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Out, discusses the often-overlooked importance of early financial planning in the health professions. Drawing from her personal experience as both a medical student and physician, she offers insight into where to begin, what to look out for and the direct correlation between one's financial health and personal well-being.

Space for Wellness: An Astronaut's Guide to Self-Care

Astronaut Dave Williams, MD, takes us through his incredible journey as both an Astronaut and Emergency Doctor, drawing parallels between the two professions. Find out how the self-care model that he’s adopted in space can be applied to the everyday lives of Healthcare Professionals and enjoy some inspiring anecdotes and personal life lessons along the way!

The Friend Within: Practicing Self-Compassion as a Healthcare Professional

Earlier this year, Dr. Brigitte Bedard, Certified Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher, came by The WELL Office to talk about what it really means to be self-compassionate, and why it has a place within the healthcare professions. What kind of ripple effect does being kinder to oneself and recognizing the inner critic have on one's personal and professional lives? Tune in to find out and join us for a 5-minute mindfulness meditation!

A New Reality: Coping with the Stressors of COVID-19

Adam Caplin, VP Wellness of the Medical Students' Society of McGill, joins Pascale and Elizabeth to discuss some of the common stressors currently faced by Health Professional Learners as they navigate through this new reality. Recognizing that everyone has their own unique set of circumstances and ways of dealing with uncertainty, our goal is to provide some basic coping strategies, helpful resources and the reassurance that you are not in this alone.

The Beauty of Sleep: Maintaining Proper Sleep Hygiene as a Health Professional Learner

We all know the importance of sleep and how imperative it is to our daily functioning. But what happens when the demands of our everyday lives conflict with our ability to maintain proper sleep hygiene? What are the tips and tricks to ensure a good night’s (or day’s) rest, specifically for health professional learners? Marieve Cyr, Master of Science candidate and first-year medical student at McGill, shares some of her research findings on sleep, circadian rhythms, and practical ways to improve sleep and reduce fatigue in shift workers.

Career Spotlight: Dr. Barry Slapcoff

With over 30 years of practice, Dr. Barry Slapcoff, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at McGill and award-winning medical educator, reflects on his journey as a Family Physician - the highlights, the challenges and the importance of recognizing your strengths and finding your place as a healthcare professional.

Tips from Tranna: How to Better Meet the Needs of Trans Patients

Comedian and Writer, Tranna Wintour, sheds light on her coming out experience as a trans woman. From her own perspective, Tranna explores strategies for the provision of more culturally sensitive care to trans individuals. While the needs and experiences of the trans community are heterogeneous, there are specific provider characteristics, such as presence, reflexivity, and willingness to learn, that can help providers more effectively respond to the needs of their patients.

Power of the Mind: The Benefits of Mental Performance

Jade and Camila sit down with Jordan Lefebvre, PhD candidate in Sports Psychology at McGill University, to discuss strategies to optimize mental performance and cultivate a mindset for excellence in academic and professional endeavors. Considering the stringent demands of training in the health professions, techniques to stay focused, alert, energized, and confident are explored. The importance of self-compassion in dealing with performance challenges and shortcomings is also addressed.

I Love You But I Don't Have Time

Camila and Jade welcome Thomas Khullar back to The WELL Office to continue their discussion on Intimate Relationships. How can Health Professional Learners nurture their existing relationships amidst their already-hectic schedules?

Single & Studying

Jade and Camila sit down with Thomas Khullar, PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology at McGill University, to discuss the complexities of dating and navigating intimate relationships as a Health Professional Learner.








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