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McGill University supports its learners in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to enter the Quebec workforce. Mastering French is one of these skills.

French Language Courses (FLC)

The French Language Centre in the Faculty of Arts offers credit courses to students registered in any academic program. For more information, please see: PDF icon French Courses FLC 2018-2023

Clinical French Courses

This French Language Document offers a comprehensive list of resources, workshops, courses, schools and clubs to assist Medical learners in acquiring French: PDF icon arm_french_resources_2017.pdf

French for Medical Purposes Program

French for Medical Purposes Workshops are scheduled in the Fall and Winter semesters.

General Information (non-credit and non-transcript)


Using a face-to-face approach, coupled with online support, French for Medical Workshops are designed for future healthcare professionals wishing to acquire competency in speaking and listening. The Workshops are aimed at helping students acquire the communicative skills required to function effectively in work-related settings. Course content develops vocabulary, strategies, and grammatical structures through oral exercises and communicative activities embedded in professional situations related to the health care milieu.


  • Basic French
  • Elementary French
  • Low Intermediate French
  • High Intermediate French

For more information, please see: French for Medical Purposes Program

School of Continuing Studies

For information on other part-time French or English programs/courses offered by McGill, please visit the School of Continuing Studies. You may take certain courses without working toward any certificate.

French for the Health Sector

The McGill School of Continuing Studies offers the French for the Health Sector program for learners studying or working in health, medicine, nursing, biochemistry, health care management, and international development. The program is designed to help participants develop the oral and listening skills needed to communicate confidently and effectively as a healthcare professional working among patients, hospitals, or in medical NGOs.

This program features: a) French language instruction specifically for medical environments; b) workshops with subject-matter experts; and c) site visits to healthcare institutions shadowing medical professionals.

Until further notice, all classes are being held remotely.

For more information and to register:

Phone: 514-398-1201
E-mail: effie.dracopoulos [at]

Other Language Courses

Other language courses are also offered through the continuing education departments/faculties at universities on the island of Montreal. See:

Another useful resource is the CCFA language school, located near the Peel Metro (telephone 514-985-2414).

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