CaRMS Support - Match Day 2022

The Well Office is here to help you match and to support you if your match plans get derailed. Over the last few years, the number of residency positions in Canada has been slowly on the rise, which is excellent news for undergraduate medical students. However, the number of residency spots in many sought-after medical specialties is limited in Quebec and across Canada. As a result, on April 12th - Match Day 2022, some students will go unmatched in the first iteration of the Canadian Residency Matching Service (CaRMS) process. We know that going unmatched can be shocking and extremely disappointing. However, it is essential to remember that by the 2nd iteration, most UGME students will match to a residency position. As well, many students who remain unmatched after second iteration communicate that the year can be filled with growth and reflection.

Please refer to your respective section (Montreal Campus or Campus Outaouais) for a list of all of the ways we can support you through this challenging process.

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