Career Planning

Take advantage of the Career Planning in Medicine site prepared by the WELL Office team!

Planning a career in medicine, including choosing a specialty and applying for a residency match, is a responsibility that ultimately rests with the medical students themselves. That said, many people can help them make informed career choices, including career advisors, faculty members, residents and other medical students.  

The WELL Office career advisors are mandated to support students in their role, that is, to help them find and interpret meaningful experiences and relevant information. They can help deepen self-knowledge, options and professional contexts to develop the ability to orient oneself in career choices, selection of electives, applications for admission to residency and even with post-residency options. Engaging in exploration, clarification and skills acquisition activities while being mentored can be very useful for medical studies, residency, and even with future professional transitions. 

The mandates of the WELL Office Career advising service are: 

  1. A structured approach to career advising 
  2. Information about available career options 
  3. Elective guidance 
  4. Preparation for residency applications 
  5. Social accountability 

Make an appointment with your campus career advisor.  


Elizabeth Lefebvre
UGME Career Advisor

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Email: elizabeth.lefebvre1 [at]


Sophie Yolaine Fletcher, M. Ed., G.C., Canadian Certified Counsellor (C.C.C.)
Med-P/UGME/PGME Career Advisor

Book an Appointment
Email: sophie.fletcher [at]


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