Give an Accolade

We value the learning environment at McGill University. The learning environment accolades report form is a means to formally acknowledge and report an exemplary learning environment.

If you have witnessed a student or faculty member upholding the highest standards within any of the learning environments of the Undergraduate Medical Education program, Postgraduate Medical Education program, Ingram School of Nursing, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, School of Continuing Sciences and Disorders. Please use the accolades form to report this. These forms will help to identify individuals for recognition and/or awards related to learning environment.

Accolade Type

The Health Professions (UGME, PGME, ISoN, SPOT, SCSD) uphold a core set of values, including, but not limited to:
  • respect
  • honesty and trust
  • compassion
  • altruism
  • integrity
  • justice
  • accountability
  • protection of confidentiality
  • leadership
  • self-health/ work-life harmony
  • collegiality

Excellence in the learning environment may look like:

  • demonstrating respect for a patient’s decision, despite conflict with one’s own beliefs
  • “going the extra mile” to make something good happen for a patient
  • demonstrating excellent work-life boundaries to promote self-health
  • tactfully redirecting others in cases of unprofessional conduct from colleagues
  • consistently demonstrating a positive attitude towards work and others

Those who exemplify these values should be acknowledged. The accolades form is one key mechanism for doing this. If you feel that the events that have taken place reflect an upholding of the highest standards of the learning environment in medicine, please click "continue".