Sophie Yolaine Fletcher

Photo de SophieSophie Yolaine Fletcher
Med-P/UGME/PGME Career Advisor





In August 2020, Sophie Yolaine Fletcher joined the WELL Office’s Team of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at McGill University in Outaouais to provide as a career advisor a range of services in both official languages.

At the WELL Office, she aims to support the career planning of students in the Med-P program, Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) and residents, fellows in Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME), as well as working with Montréal staff to provide similar services. She plays an active role by supporting various processes inside and outside the curriculum, discussing practices, establishing service corridors and developing everyday activities such as professional panels, workshops, and information sessions.

Her integrative and positive approach helps mobilize people's potential and maximizes individual satisfaction with their place in society. Do not hesitate to contact her directly: sophie.fletcher [at]


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