Pascale Gendreau

Pascale GendreauPascale Gendreau, M.A., c.o., Psychotherapist (OPQ) (elle/she)
UGME Wellness Consultant



Pascale Gendreau is a counsellor (OCCOQ) and psychotherapist (OPQ), working as the UGME Wellness Consultant at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of McGill University since 2016. Pascale holds a Masters’s degree in Counselling Psychology from McGill University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia. Pascale has extensive experience working as a mental health professional in university settings.

Clinically, Pascale provides confidential short-term counselling to McGill medical students across the four years of the MDCM Program. She has experience and proficiency in helping people dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief, gender identity, sexual orientation, academic difficulty, life-transition challenges, and trauma. Pascale analyses the individual’s needs and coordinates plans to offer the best positive strategy for attaining wellness, resiliency and academic success. Her approach is empathic, mindful and collaborative in order to best support the personal, social, and professional goals of learners.

Pascale is a dynamic speaker and has developed and delivered many presentations for medical learners. Every academic year, she facilitates more than 35 single-session support groups for medical students. In 2020, she started being the host of the WELL Office Podcast for its second season.

Pascale is also the director of the MDCM Wellness Curriculum, which consists of evidence-based wellness sessions within protected curriculum time. The aim of the curriculum is to promote well-being, self-care, and resilience in medical students by educating and engaging them in diverse dimensions of wellness. Pascale works closely with the Medical Student Wellness (MSW) Committee and student leaders to ensure the students’ needs are represented in the curriculum. She is currently researching how medical students experience the Wellness Curriculum, with an emphasis on the curriculum effects on students’ personal and professional wellness and development.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Pascale directly at: pascale.gendreau [at]

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