Léa Levert-Gagnon

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Léa Levert-Gagnon, M.A.
Med-P/UGME/PGME Wellness Advisor




Léa has been working as a wellness advisor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at McGill University in Outaouais since August 2020, . She holds an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Ottawa and a Master of Arts in Counseling and Spirituality from Saint Paul University. She is a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

Prior to joining the The WELL Office team, she worked as a professional counselor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine and therefore gained valuable experience with learners in undergraduate medical studies. Léa has experience supporting students and residents facing a multitude of challenges and difficulties including anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, perfectionism, academic difficulties, bereavement, trauma and identity issues.

Léa adopts an integrative approach and a holistic vision focused on the needs of students and residents in order to support them in achieving their wellness goals. In this approach, Léa aims to provide a warm, safe and collaborative environment to help them discover their own resources and develop tools to be free and creative in their ways of adapting to life's obstacles.

Léa attaches great importance to mental health promotion and prevention. During her master's, she did research on the theme of prevention, through yoga and mindfulness, of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma, syndromes to which health professionals are at risk because of the nature of their work.

Thus, Léa feels challenged and motivated by the various opportunities offered by her position at the SOURCES Office to adopt a preventive model by creating and leading group workshops on various themes related to well-being. Léa offers services to all learners, including students in preparatory medical programs (Med-P), undergraduate medical education (UGME) and residents in postgraduate medical education (PGME).

To foster confidence and self-expression at her own pace, Léa is committed to welcoming students and residents into a compassionate, non-judgmental environment.


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