This index has been initiated to facilitate world wide communication between individuals interested in Culture, Psychology, and Mental Health.

If you are interested in adding your name to this index, or if there are any changes you wish to make, please feel free to contact us by tcp.psychiatry [at] (e-mail).

TCPSYCH mailing list

TCPSYCH mailing list is now open to individuals working with or interested in culturally informed mental health issues around the world.

(The following names are arranged in alphabetical order)

Lisa Andermann: lisa.andermann [at]
I am currently completing my residency in Psychiatry and planning a Fellowship in the area of cultural issues related to psychological trauma. My background is in Anthropology. My reseach interests have included epilepsy in developing countries, Ethiopian Jewish immigration to Israel, and Native mental health.
Psychiatry Department, University of Toronto

Gilbert Brenson Lazan: gbl [at] (email)
I am the Executive President of Amauta International, LLC, with offices in West Hartford, CT USA and Bogotá, Colombia. We work throughtout Latin America and in several other countries in the areas of facilitation and consulting, with special interest in transcultural and cross-cultural psychosocial aspects of facilitation, community organizing and transformational organizational development. I am the author of twenty-nine publications, several of which are on these subjects, and am also a Co-Founder and Board Member of the Global Facilitator Service Corps, the Change Facilitation Associates Network and the Global Leadership Alliance.

N. V. Ciaccio: ciaccio [at]
My cross-cultural interests include personality development, the psychology of Islam, and various aspects of child abuse.
Psychology Department, The American University in Cairo, Egypt

Roland Chrisjohn: rchrisjo [at]
I'm interested in removing the ideology from psychology and seeing if anything is left over. I'm Haudenausaunee ("Iroquois Indian") and working in Indian Residential Schooling, suicide, special education, and related areas.
Native Studies Department, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Mark Covey: covey [at]
I'm interested in the teaching of Cross-cultural psychology and involving students in meaningful cross-cultural experiences through service-learning.
Psychology Department, Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota, United States

Anna Eisler: aaer [at]
Department of Psychology, Stockholm University, Sweden

Bjarne Fjeldsenden: bjarne.fjeldsenden [at]
Factors influencing cognitive structures and achievment, Culture and its consequences both on micro- and macro level.
Psykologisk institutt, Fakultet for samfunnvitenskap og teknologiledelse, Norway

David Ingleby: j.d.ingleby [at] (email)
My interests are health and social care in multicultural societies, refugees and asylum seekers, and child development in different social and cultural settings. I currently work with Europe-wide teaching and research networks concerned with health and social care for migrants and minorities.
ERCOMER, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

Habib Ghassemzadeh: hghasemzadeh [at]
I am particularly interested in emotional meaning and analogical representation as reflect in metaphor.Mediation as it relates to a Vygotskian semiotics is a primary focus of my theoretical and applied interest.I have translated some of Vygotsky's and Luria's works into Persian.
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Kazuo Kato: kkatoedu [at]
Department of Educational Psychology Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan

Merlin R. Langley: merlinlangley [at] worldnet.att
The primary focus of my applied research program consists of using quasi-experiments to describe cultural and personality factors that influence the identity development of mental health counselor and/or their clients.
Lesley College Cambridge, MA, United States

Pompeo Martelli: pompeo.martelli [at] (email)
My interests include mental health and service development, net-learning, migration and mental health, and transcultural mental health.
Center for Study and Researches on Public Health (Mental Health) Local Health Agency Rome E , Rome - Italy
University of Rome Sapienza, Rome, Italy
Member of the International Consortium for Cultural Consultation

Valentin Mbekou: mbekou [at]
my cross-cultural research interests are broad and include psychometrics and personality assessment,(self-actualization, optimism and creativity), cognitive education and academic achievement). I have translated and validated a number of tests that could be replicated in various cultural niches and populations.
Université de Montréal, Canada

Megan S. Mills: msmills [at]
I am an independent researcher whose background is in International Development, Religious Studies, and Historical Anthropology. Numerous South Asian subjects including transcultural psychiatry, NB Sri Lankan Tamils; the mental health of refugees, resilience vs. trauma, and the implications of PTSD.

Peter L. Myers: peterm3369 [at]
I am a cultural anthropologist with interest in beliefs and behavior in re psychoactive substance use, treatment ideologies, culture-bound syndromes. My journal email is jourethnic [at]
I teach at Essex County College and
Montclair State University in New Jersey.

Limore Racin: limorracin [at] (email)
I am interested in intermarriage and cross-cultural psychology. The study I conducted was about Jewish & Arab intermarriage in Israel. The title of the work was Porcupine Kisses: Jewish women in mixed Israeli Jewish and Arab couples. It was an investigation about their relationship quality and mental health. The study was conducted between University College London, UK and Haifa University, Israel.

Els van Dongen: elsvdongen [at] (email) website
I am a medical anthropologist in the Medical Anthropology Unit of the Department of Anthropology & Sociology, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Interests: Trauma, memory, mental health, medical anthropology.

Orcun Yorulmaz: orcunyorulmaz [at]
I am a clinical psychologist (PhD)/faculty member in the Department of Psychology in Uludag University, Bursa/Turkey. My interests are culture, anxiety and cognitions; cross-cultural differences in anxiety disorders (e.g., particularly OCD); acculturation.