Stephanie Lloyd, PhD

Stephanie Lloyd is a medical anthropologist and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University. This follows her postdoctoral training at CERMES3 (Centre de recherche, médecine, sciences, santé, santé mentale, société) in Paris as well as MEOS (L’Équipe de Recherche sur le Médicament comme Objet Social et Culturel) and ANÉIS (Analyse et Évaluation des Interventions en Santé) in Montreal. She completed her Ph.D. in Anthropology at McGill University. Her work is historically grounded and aims to contextualize changing theories of and interventions for mood and anxiety disorders in Canada and France. This includes analyses of the global movement of psychiatric knowledge and care as it concerns social phobia and most recently the ways in which epigenetic and neuroscience research is transforming understandings of depression and suicide. She is particularly interested in how, based on emerging epigenetic and neuroscience research, scientists theorize depression and suicide, psychiatrists alter their understandings and treatments of patients and patients experience their disorders or perceive their ‘at risk’ states. At the core of her interests are key concepts of identity such as volition, normalcy and relatedness and a study of the ways in which the relationship between biology and society is actively being re-imagined in epigenetic and neuroscience research.

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Selected Publications

Pursuit of a ‘Normal Life’: Mood, Anxiety and Their Disordering. Medical Anthropology. 2011. Nov; volume 30, number 6, pp. 591-609. Authors: Stephanie Lloyd and Nicolas Moreau.

Morals, Medicine and Change: Morality Brokers, Social Phobias, and French Psychiatry, in Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry.  2008, volume 32, pp. 279-297.  Author: Stephanie Lloyd

The clinical clash over social phobia: the ‘Americanization’ of French experiences?, in Biosocieties.  2006, volume 1, number 2, pp. 229-249.  Author: Stephanie Lloyd

Genetic Susceptibility and Alzheimer’s Disease: The ‘penetrance’ and uptake of genetic knowledge, in Thinking about Dementia: Culture, loss, and the anthropology of senility.  2006. Edited by Annette Leibing and Lawrence Cohen.  Rutgers University Press.  Authors: Margaret Lock, Stephanie Lloyd and Janalyn Prest. 

When it runs in the family: putting susceptibility genes in perspective, in Public Understanding of Science. 2006. Volume 15, pp. 277-300. Authors: Margaret Lock, Julia Freeman, Rosemary Sharples and Stephanie Lloyd.  

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