Guillaume Galbaud du Fort, MD, PhD

Dr. Galbaud du Fort, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at McGill, is a consultation-liaison psychiatrist at the McGill University Health Centre, specialized in the psychiatric care of of oncology patients, and an epidemiologist and project director at the Jewish General Hospital Centre for Clinical Epidemiology & Community Studies. He is involved in various research projects in the field of epidemiology and pharmacoepidemiology in psychiatry, with his main topic of research being the development and assessment of instruments and methods for screening for depression in medically ill populations.

guillaume.galbaud_du_fort [at] (Email)

Selected Articles

Azoulay, L., Dell’Aniello, S., Huiart, L., Galbaud du Fort, G., & Suissa, S. (2011). Concurrent use of tamoxifen with CYP2D6 inhibitors and the risk of breast cancer recurrence. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 126(3), 695–703.

Tournier, M., Greenfield, B., Galbaud du Fort, G., Ducruet, T., Zito, J. M., Cloutier, A. M., & Moride, Y. (2010). Patterns of antidepressant use in Quebec children and adolescents: Trends and predictors. Psychiatry Research, 179(1), 57-63.

Tournier, M., Moride, Y., Crott, R., Galbaud du Fort, G., & Ducruet, T. (2009). Economical impact of non-persistence to antidepressant therapy in the Quebec community-dwelling elderly population. Journal of Affective Disorders, 115, 160-166.

Monette, J., Champoux, N., Fournier, L., Monette, M., Wolfson, C., Galbaud du Fort, G., Sourial, N., Le Cruguel, J. P., & Gore, B. (2008). Effect of an interdisciplinary educational program on antipsychotic prescribing among nursing home residents with dementia. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 23, 574-579.

Rahme, E., Dasgupta, K., Turecki, G., Nedjar, H., & Galbaud du Fort, G. (2008). Risks of suicide and poisoning among elderly patients prescribed selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: A retrospective cohort study. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 69, 349-357.

Kirmayer, L. J., Weinfeld, M., Burgos, G., Galbaud du Fort, G., Lasry, J. C., & Young, A. (2007). Utilization of health care services for psychological distress by immigrants in an urban multicultural milieu. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 52, 295-304.

Vida, S., Galbaud du Fort, G., Kakuma, R., Arsenault, L., Platt, R. W., & Wolfson, C. M. (2006). An 18-month prospective cohort study of functional outcome of delirium in elderly patients: Activities of daily living. International Psychogeriatrics, 18, 681-700.

Boivin, J. F., Roy, E., Haley, N., & Galbaud du Fort, G. (2005). The health of street youth: A Canadian perspective. Canadian Journal of Public Health/Revue Canadienne de Sante Publique, 96(6), 432-437.

Champoux, N., Monette, J., Monette, M., Galbaud du Fort, G., Wolfson, C., & Le Cruguel, J. P. (2005). Use of neuroleptics among institutionalized elderly in Montreal. Canadian Family Physician, 51, 696-697. This article received the “2006 Canadian Family Physician Best Original Article Award” from the Canadian College of Family Physicians.

Laplante, D. P., Barr, R. G., Brunet, A., Galbaud du Fort, G., Meaney, M. L., Saucier, J. F., Zelazo, P. R., & King, S. (2004). Stress during pregnancy affects general intellectual and language functioning in human toddlers. Pediatric Research, 56(3), 400-410.

Monette, J., Monette, M., Champoux, N., Galbaud du Fort, G., & Wolfson, C. (2003). Usage des neuroleptiques chez les personnes âgées hébergées: prévalence, efficacité et effets indésirables. La Revue de Gériatrie, 28, 259-268.

Low, N. C., Galbaud du Fort, G., & Cervantes, P. (2003). Prevalence, clinical correlates, and treatment of migraine in bipolar disorder. Headache, 43(9), 940-949.

Mayerovitch, J. I., Galbaud du Fort, G., Kakuma, R., Bland, R. C., Newman, S. C., & Pinard, G. (2003). Treatment seeking for obsessive-compulsive disorder: Role of obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms and comorbid psychiatric diagnoses. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 44(2), 162-168.

Kakuma, R., Galbaud du Fort, G., Arsenault, L., Perrault, A., Platt, R. W., Monette, J., Moride, Y., & Wolfson, C. (2003). Delirium in older emergency department patients discharged home: Effect on survival. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 51(4), 443-450.

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Rosenberg, E., Lussier, M.-T., Beaudoin, C., Kirmayer, L. J., & Galbaud du Fort, G. (2002). Determinants of the diagnosis of psychological problems of primary care patients with normal GHQ-28 scores. General Hospital Psychiatry, 24(5), 322-327.

Galbaud du Fort, G., Boothroyd, L. J., Bland, R. C., Newman, S. C., & Kakuma, R. (2002). Spouse similarity for antisocial behaviour in the general population. Psychological Medicine, 32(8), 1407-1416.

Monette, J., Galbaud du Fort, G., Fung, S. H., Massoud, F., Moride, Y., Arsenault, L., & Afilalo, M. (2001). Evaluation of the Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) as a screening tool for delirium in the emergency room. General Hospital Psychiatry, 23(1), 20-25.

Pérodeau, G., & Galbaud du Fort, G. (2000). Psychotropic drug use and the relation between social support, life events and mental health in the elderly. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 19, 23-41.



Selected Book Chapter

Rousseau, C., Galbaud du Fort, G., & Corin, E. (2002). Time perspective in refugee children. In F. J. C. Azima, & N. Grizenko (Eds.), Immigrant and refugee children and their families: Clinical, research and training issues (pp. 113-132). Madison: International Universities Press.

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