Research Day 2019

Thank you to all who participated to the Annual TB Research Day 2019.

On March 22nd, the TB Centre held its annual 7th Annual TB Research Day, and formally launched the WHO Collaborating Center. Over 60 participants attended the event, which included poster and oral presentations by trainees, student prizes and awards, as well as a global health film festival with movies focused on TB, jointly hosted with the McGill Global Health Programs. Films screened included “TB Unmasked” a short documentary telling the stories of first line TB healthcare workers around the world, and “The Necessities of Life” a film about TB in the Inuit.


Photo credits: Robert Derval

Drs Dick Menzies, Bruce Mazer,  Madhukar Pai, Martha Crago, Sylvain Baillet, Joïa Mukherjee & Marcel Behr

Research leaders at McGill University and the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre participated (photo above) and spoke at the Research Day, including Dr Martha Crago, Vice Principal for Research and Innovation; Dr Bruce Mazer, Director, RI-MUHC; Dr Sylvain Baillet, Associate Dean for Research, Faculty of Medicine; and Dr Marcel Behr, Co-Director, MI4 Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity. Dr Madhukar Pai, Director of the TB Centre, gave a Year in Review presentation and also released the Lancet Commission on TB report. Dr Dick Menzies, Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre on TB Research, gave an overview of activities planned for the WHO Collaborating Centre.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Joïa Mukherjee

Drs. Joia Mukherjee &  Madhukar Pai

" TB Care as a Crucial Step Towards Universal Health Care"

Dr Joia Mukherjee, Chief Medical Officer, Partners in Health & Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School, gave the keynote lecture. She encouraged the audience to think of TB as a biomarker of poverty, and to invest in universal health coverage as a strategy to improve TB care. “Finding missing TB cases requires investments in health systems: staff, stuff, space, systems & social support” she said.

Congratulations to our winners!

Poster Presentations winners

Shannon Duffy (Behr lab) won 1st prize

Eva Kaufmann (Divangahi lab) won 2nd prize

Wilian Correa de Macedo (Schurr lab) won 3rd prize

Oral Presentations winners

Hannah Alsdurf (Menzies lab) won 1st prize

Jonathon Campbell (Schwartzman & Menzies labs) won 2nd prize

Nowrin Hoque (Behr lab) won 3rd prize

Publication Awards for a paper published or e-published in 2018. These awards are co-sponsored by the McGill Global Health Programs.

  • Emil Skamene Prize for Best Paper in Biomedical Research: Eva Kaufmann

Kaufmann E, Sanz J, Dunn JL, Khan N, Mendonça LE, Pacis A, Tzelepis F, Pernet E, Dumaine A, Grenier JC, Mailhot-Léonard F, Ahmed E, Belle J, Besla R, Mazer B, King IL, Nijnik A, Robbins CS, Barreiro LB, Divangahi M
BCG Educates Hematopoietic Stem Cells to Generate Protetive Innate Immunity against Tuberculosis.

  • Margaret Becklake Prize for Best Paper in Health Outcomes Research by a Graduate Student: Sophie Huddart

Huddart S, Bossuroy T, Pons V, Baral S, Pai M, Delavallade C
Knowledge about tuberculosis and infection prevention behavior: A nine city longitudinal study from India.

  • Margaret Becklake Prize for Best Paper in Health Outcomes Research by a Postdoctoral Fellow: Maxime Cormier

Cormier M, Schwartzman K, N'Diaye DS, Boone CE, Dos Santos AM, Gaspar J, Cazabon D, Ghiasi M, Kahn R, Uppal A, Morris M, Oxlade O.
Proximate determinants of tuberculosis in Indigenous peoples worldwide: a systematic review.
Lancet Glob Health

  • Margaret Becklake Prize for Best Paper in Health Outcomes Research by a Postdoctoral Fellow: Jonathon Campbell

Campbell JR, Johnston JC, Ronald LA, Sadatsafavi M, Balshaw RF, Cook VJ, Levin A, Marra F.
Screening for Latent Tuberculosis Infection in Migrants With CKD: A Cost-effectiveness Analysis.
Am J Kidney Dis

  • Jonathan Meakins Prize for Best Paper in Clinical Research by a Graduate Student: Stéphanie Law

Law S, Daftary A, O'Donnell M, Padayatchi N, Calzavara L, Menzies D
Interventions to improve retention-in-care and treatment adherence among patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis: a systematic review.
Eur Respir J

  • Jonathan Meakins Prize for Best Paper in Clinical Research by a Postdoctoral Fellow: Benjamin Mappin-Kasirer

Nsengiyumva NP,Mappin-Kasirer B, Oxlade O , Bastos M, Trajman A, Falzon D, Schwartzman K
Evaluating the potential costs and impact of digital health technologies for tuberculosis treatment support.
Eur Respir J

  • MGH Foundation Award 2019

Eva Kaufmann also won the MGH Foundation ALFA Award for being the overall winner of the afternoon.

  • Travel award winners - Spring 2019:

Hannah Alsdurf

Eva Kaufmann

Nargis Khan

Emily MacLean









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