2012 Reports

DROTRECOGIN ALFA [.pdf] Drotrecogin Alfa(Activated) in Severe Sepsis (Report #58)

DERMAL MATRIX [.pdf] Evaluation of acellular dermal matrix for breast reconstruction: An Update(Report #59)

VIDEO CAPSULE ENDOSCOPY [.pdf] Video capsule endoscopy for obscure GI bleeding and Crohn's Disease (Update of Report 7).(Report #60)

KTP [.pdf] 532 nm KTP Laser for vocal fold (Report #61)

PROCALCITONIN [.pdf] Use of serum procalcitonin levels in treatment decisions for adult patients in the Intensive Care Unit.(Report #62)

INTRABEAM [.pdf] Single-dose Intraoperative Radiotherapy Using Intrabeam® for Early-stage Breast cancer: A Health Technology Assessment.(Report #63)

TAU IMPACT REPORT [.pdf] The Impact of Reports of The Technology Assessment Unit of the McGill University Health Centre.(Report #65)

HYBRID OPERATING ROOM [.pdf] The Hybrid Operating Room. Should one be available for Cardiovascular-Thoracic procedures in the MUHC? A brief report. (Report #67)

BALLOON SINUPLASTY [.pdf] Balloon Catheter Dilation for Chronic Rhinosinusitis. (Report #68)

EPIDISK [.pdf] Hyaluronic Acid Fat Graft Myringoplasty or Epidisk Tympanoplasty (ET).(Report #69)