2006 Reports

Wait Times No. 2 [.pdf] Wait times at the MUHC. 2. Selected Divisions of the Departments of Medicine and Surgery. Supplement to Report No 26 "Wait times at the MUHC 1". Sept 2006 (Report #27)

Wait Times No. 1 [.pdf] Wait times at the MUHC. 1. Diagnostic imaging, Joint replacement, Cancer care, Sight Restoration, Cardiac care Sept 2006 (Report #26)

Needlestick [.pdf] Should the McGill University Health Centre use safety devices to reduce needlestick injuries associated with intravascular infusions? Report Update. May 23 2006 (Report #25)

Mitoxantrone [.pdf] The Use of Mitoxantrone in the Treatment of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Report Update. May 2006 (Report #24)

HER2 [.pdf] Testing for HER2 Positive Breast Cancer: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis. May 2006 (Report #23)