Vision 2020

What was Vision 2020?

Vision 2020 was a process to grow and connect the sustainability movement at McGill.

Initiated by McGill’s Office of Sustainability in February 2012, Vision 2020 has broadly engaged the McGill community in developing i) a vision, ii) a set of goals, and iii) a priority action plan for the next two years of sustainability work here at the university. Together, these three elements now comprise a Sustainability Strategy for McGill.

For a quick tour of the Vision 2020 process and what it meant for many members of the community, take a look at our closing video below.

Vision 2020 was notable for the degree to which it engaged and energized a broad cross-section of the McGill community. The aim was to foster relationships among McGill’s students, staff, and faculty and, in doing so, build momentum toward a sustainable future. Vision 2020 captured energy and insight from countless conversations, world-café style discussions, flash consultations, one-on-one interviews and working groups with key members of the community. These sessions gave rise to McGill’s sustainability goals, which were then distilled into five focused categories: Research, Education, Connectivity, Operations, and Governance & Administration. The 14 priority actions that were identified within these categories are now being actively advanced by members of the community, bringing us closer to our vision and goals for a sustainable McGill. 

Who ran Vision 2020?

A collection of many voices, Vision 2020 was sponsored by MOOS and supported by the Sustainability Projects Fund.

The project was facilitated by a 10-person core team and guided by a 25-member steering committee made up of undergraduate and graduate students, academic staff, operational staff, and administrators. Members of the Steering Committee were selected for their expertise in their individual domains as well as their commitment to building a culture of sustainability at McGill.

Vision 2020 Impacts

One of the main objectives of the Vision 2020 process was to produce 3 key documents to guide us in our sustainability work over the coming decade.

These were: a Situational Analysis, a Vision and Goals Document, and an Action Plan. These documents fed into the development of Vision 2020: A Sustainability Strategy for McGill

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