Student groups

McGill has an extensive network of student and community groups working on all aspects of sustainability.

Whether organizing campus initatives, planning events or overseeing integration of sustainable activites in the University, these committees, groups and departments are intergral to a sustainable McGill. Click on the group names below (listed alphabetically) for more information.

Check out current SPF projects to learn about some of the exciting sustainability work underway.

Student groups on campus

Campus Crops

Campus Crops is a group of McGill students working towards obtaining gardening space on the downtown campus and promoting urban agriculture. The group’s primary garden is located behind the McGill School of Environment (MSE) on University. The food grown is given to the volunteers during the summer; during the school year, Campus Crops donates their produce to the Midnight Kitchen. For the 2009-2010 school year, the group is looking to establish more gardening space around the Law Building and creating a container garden on the Leacock Terrace.

Campus Crops

Committee for Environmental Responsibility, Education and Sustainability (CERES)

CERES is a student group dedicated to the promotion and implementation of environmentally sustainable technologies and practices, and environmental awareness within and around the Macdonald Campus. Recent activities have focused on expanding recycling facilities on Macdonald Campus, as well as making paper pads, having used textbook sales and clothing drives, and hosting an annual Buy Nothing Day.

Farmer's Market at McGill

The market occurs during the fall harvest and provides the McGill community and neighborhood residents the opportunity to buy fresh, healthy, organic and local food directly from the farmers who produce it. This initiative came out of the Rethink Conference 2008 with the collaboration of students, staff and faculty. Its aim is to support community building and local, sustainable agriculture. The Farmer’s Market is held in Three Bares Park every Tuesday until mid-October.

McGill Farmers Market

Flat: Bike Collective

The Flat is a collectively run bike repair space where volunteers provide you with the tools and knowledge to fix your own bike.

Green Drinks Montreal

Green Drinks meets once a month people to discuss environmental issues over organic coffee. This group is an opportunity to network with like-minded people in an informal setting. There are chapters on the Downtown campus and Macdonald campus.

Greening McGill

Greening McGill is a working group of QPIRG-McGill, focused on promoting environmental awareness and activism on campus. Projects have included the 'From Field to Feast' campaign, the Green Events Guide and the annual Car Free day; the group also established the Plate Club and the McGill Food Systems Project.

Gorilla Composting

Gorilla Composting provides composting services to students and is working with McGill to develop large scale composting infrastructure. Gorilla Comporting operates a composting system on the Downtown campus; its sister group, Gorilla at Mac, provides services for the Macdonald campuses.

Gorilla Composting

Gorilla Compost at Macdonald Campus

Gorilla Compost at Mac is the sister group of Gorilla Composting on the Downtown campus. The student group is involved in consciousness raising, providing a physical organic waste removal service combined with composting and utilization in a community garden and, lastly, lobbying for large scale, systematic processing of the total suite of human wastes.

Gorilla composting MacDonald Gorilla composting MacDonald Gorilla composting MacDonald

Happy Belly

Happy Belly is a group that provides free weekly vegan meals on the Macdonald Campus. The group serves over 70 students each week and also caters for events hosted by other Environmental groups on the Macdonald campus. The club provides reusable dishware for its meals; food is donated by grocery stores in the St. Anne’s area. In stimulating student and community collaboration, Happy Belly seeks to educate people on the value of food resources.

McGill Food Systems Project

Born out of Greening McGill's local food campaign, "From Field to Feast", the McGill Food Systems Project is a cooperative project between students, McGill Food and Dining Services and the McGill Office of Sustainability, developed to use student research and community collaboration to improve the food operations on our campuses. The McGill Food Systems Project endeavors to maximize the ecological, social and economic sustainability of McGill's food systems through engaging the McGill community in consultation, facilitating McGill-focused research projects, and supporting sustainable change in McGill policies and operations. The project aims to analyze the current purchasing patterns of McGill’s campus cafeterias, including Chartwells and Sodexo, to compare the desirability and feasibility of adopting more sustainable alternatives.

Midnight Kitchen

The Midnight Kitchen provides free vegan meals weekdays on the Downtown campus. The group relies on donations from local markets for its food supply as well as student contributions and volunteers. Campus Crops also donates their produce to the Midnight Kitchen during the school year.

Net Impact

Net Impact is a group of MBA students and alumni committed to using the power of business to make a positive net social, environmental, and economic impact. Net Impact McGill seeks to strengthen a network of new responsible business leaders. The group organizes events that deepen students’ understanding of critical social and environmental issues and explore the role that business leaders can play in providing innovative solutions to these problems.

Organic Campus

Organic Campus is dedicated to bringing quality, organic food to the community, in an effort to promote environmental sustainability while remaining economically accessible.

Plate Club

The Plate Club loans reusable tableware for parties, events and the SSMU Cafeteria. If you need dishware on a daily basis, the Plate Club also provides it for the SSMU cafeteria.


Pre-Serve is a committee of undergrad and graduate civil engineering students working to promote sustainable practices in the civil engineering field. The group publishes a newsletter throughout the semester about local and global sustainable initiatives. In addition, Pre-Serve organizes guest speaker series, coordinates field trips and sponsors students who wish to attend conferences and design competitions. The group is currently collaborating with the Civil Engineering Department to create a new course focused on sustainability in the Civil Discipline.
The student group, Pre Serve, uses biodegradable cutlery, and sells organic products in their fundraising bake sales.

Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) at McGill

QPIRG at McGill is a non-profit, student-run organization that conducts research, education, and action on environmental and social justice issues at McGill University and in the Montreal community.

Reboot McGill

Reboot McGill is a student-led initiative, in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability and the Waste Management Program, that facilitates asset reallocation around McGill University by collecting old computers and peripherals, refurbishing that equipment if possible, redistributing the equipment where appropriate, donating any unwanted usable equipment, and lastly, arranging for the proper disposal of all unusable equipment and scrap.

Shaping Tomorrow's Organizational Practices (S.T.O.P.)

Shaping Tomorrow's Organizational Practices (S.T.O.P.) consists of business students who promote the need for responsible business practices. These practices include sustainable development, corporate governance, and the obligation of business to society. S.T.O.P. connects socially responsible business students to share ideas and raise awareness, provides information and advice for sustainability, and links business students with socially responsible organizations in the community.

Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) GreenWeek

GreenWeek is hosted by the Science Undergraduate Society but is geared towards all of McGill's student population. GreenWeek is a week-long series of fun hands-on activities where students get a chance to learn about environmental issues and opportunities for action.

Sustainable McGill Project

The Sustainable McGill Project (SMP) was created as a multi-stakeholder initiative to assess McGill’s sustainability performance using the Campus Sustainability Assessment Framework (CSAF) tool. The group worked with other campus groups in the creation of the Office of Sustainability, and is also working with Campus Crops to procure more gardening space on campus. With the Official opening of the McGill Office of Sustainability in 2009, the group initiated the first ever "Rethink Your Curriculum Challenge", aimed at mobilizing students to implement their ideas for sustainability across the curriculum. The results of this inititive were presented at the 8th Annual Rethink conference.

Sustainable McGill Project


Tapthirst is a new initiative dedicated to promoting awareness of the social, environmental and monetary costs of the packaged water industry.


Teva is a new student group whose mission is to improve recycling rates on McGill campus. Its first project is to replace the current trash and recycling bins in the McLennan library with large, clearly labeled receptacles with multiple compartments for both garbage and recycling. The goal is to improve recycling rates because of convenience and proper sorting.