Waste at McGill

Rethink React: Waste at McGill 

The McGill Department of Buildings and Grounds manages non-hazardous waste and recycling operations on the Downtown Campus. It ensures a clean and functional environment for the community, collecting an average of 70 tonnes of waste per month during the academic school year - an amount it aims to drastically reduce. 
As part of the Waste Reduction and Diversion Strategy (2018-2025), the Department introduces Rethink React: Waste at McGill. This campaign aims to encourage McGill’s community to think and act differently about how we create and sort waste. This includes the way we buy, reuse, recycle and dispose of materials throughout the University. Overall, the campaign’s goal is to improve McGill’s waste diversion rate by engaging and educating students, staff and faculty. 

Graphic of a trash bin with a line through it to depict zero-waste by 2035.Zero-Waste by 2035 

McGill’s zero-waste target is a diversion rate of 90%. This percentage is based off the internationally recognized standard that zero-waste means achieving a diversion rate of 90% or higher.  

Want to learn more about McGill’s zero-waste target? Read the McGill University Climate & Sustainability Strategy 2020-2025 to see how you can get involved. 


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