Urban Agriculture

Edible Campus

Office for Students with Disabilities Gardens (raised planters to make them wheelchair accessible)

Campus Crops

Education Outdoor Eco-Learning Garden

Faraday Farms

Robertson Herb and Scent Garden

Urban agriculture is an important part of the sustainability landscape at McGill. Gardens offer numerous benefits to our campus as spaces of greening, community-building, and skill sharing. Each garden operates independently, with support from McGill’s Grounds department, providing soil, compost, and gardening tips. To find out more, take a look at our resources for those interested in urban agriculture at McGill:

Roots Coalition

Communication between the gardens is facilitated by the Roots Coalition, a student-run network for collaboration and resource-sharing between gardens on the downtown campus. The coalition aims to highlight the value of gardens on McGill’s landscape, and foster a culture that allows students and gardeners to feel connected to campus spaces.

Urban Agriculture is an important part of the physical sustainability landscape at McGill, acting as a space for skill-building, fostering community, and hands-on sustainability.

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