Nature Conservatories

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McGill is proud to own three nature conservatories for preservation, research and exploration. The McGill community is encouraged to visit and experience the natural beauty that lies within proximity of downtown Montreal.

Gault Nature Reserve

The reservce, situated on Mont St. Hilaire just 32 km from Montreal, protects the largest remaining remnant of the primeval forests of the St. Lawrence River Valley. It is recognized nationally and internationally for its scientific and patrimonial significance. The mountain and its surroundings comprise the first site in Canada to be designated as a Biosphere Reserve under the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program.

Find more information on the Gault Nature Reserve.

Molson Nature Reserve

Donated to McGill University as a nature conservation centre for use in study and research, the reserve is located 10 minutes from the Macdonald Campus. The 51-hectare parcel of land consists of forest, woodland marshes, swamps and wetland, and provides habitat for wildlife and plant species, some of which are unique to the area.

Find more information on the Molson Nature Reserve.

Morgan Arboretum

Located on the western tip of the island of Montreal, this is Canada's largest arboretum. This 245-hectare "enchanted forest," originally assembled by the Morgan family and turned over to McGill University in 1945, has not only served as a unique educational resource, but also provided enjoyment to generations of supporters and visitors.

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